How Do You Title this? Battlefield America

In this 4 part documentary Brighteon Founder Mike Adams discusses the present state of the world we live in. You Don’t want to miss this! Hosea 4:6 clearly states “My People Die for Lack of knowledge” yes and Steve Quail has been saying so many things as I have for so so many years! “both of us” its incredible! Steve also says that the world will not wake up! —– BUT YOU CAN!

Watch these 4 short videos, then visit Mike Adams at

There is a narrative out here on our side that may save your life forever.

Before I surrendered to the Lord many years ago I realized 2 things…….1. If this life was all there is …. it is an evil JOKE! And I would not want to live forever! Who would?

2. I knew for certain that there was a day coming that I would be judged by God, and that there is a true bodily resurrection for everyone ever born onto this earth! from Cain and Able whom he murdered, even to me and You! P.S. Adam and Eve were not born, but created by God. They already Had what the lying Serpent tried to sell them…. They Died for their lack of Knowledge, and we were born into that same state and fate, unless we say yes to Jesus Christ.

What can you do about your own eternal Judgment? Hand it over to Jesus Christ today. Face it today! Ask Jesus to be your Savoir Today!

If you are reading this and your heart is tugging you pulling you to do it ASK and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you!

Gods Judgment is here but so is his Mercy and His Grace.

WATCH the links below.

Hubert Rondeau

Repostng a little piece of Excellence here. May The Lord Bless you as or if you read it.

Yahweh’s presence

A Story I had lost many years ago but dreamed about last night, and bumped into again today, there is another part but I’m not sure ill find it. The thing about living with a chronic illness, and multiple brain injuries is that life is tough, and often lost and scattered.

Nevertheless this is my life my writing and my story.

YHWH’s Presence
Matthew Link walked along the ridge as he walked a sudden fear came over him and he began to shake. “I’m terrified of you Lord, my God I am terrified.” He thought of Enoch the seventh from Adam and how Enoch must have felt in Y-H-W-H ‘s presence but Enoch was a righteous man! 2 peter 1:3; As His divine Power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue. Matthew had formerly been given to many habits of sin and shame. “Agggh God my God I know you are there, or here! I know that I believe in you and in your salvation! I know that I don’t know you as I should, nor like I ‘must’! You have seen my life, you have known my shameful ways, you are that you are! Holy, you are Holy! How can I touch your heart, how can I find you?”
At the edge of the canyon he stood looking off to the west as the sun set for the last time. “I know God, I know that I cannot live another minute without you! God do you remember what David said?” “Answer me quickly oh Lord my spirit fails do not hide your face from me lest I be like those who go down to the pit. He’d been sitting on the edge striving within his own heart for hours oblivious to anything else in the world, feet dangling over the edge and arms resting on his knees it was a precarious thing to be doing so close to death should he ever fall. Matthew sought deeply within his heart, seeking the reality of Christ within his soul. “My God I know that there is so much more but I am so blind.” Without a sound, without a warning almost beyond his ability to understand what was happening a rope landed over him and he was violently pulled away from his perch on the rim of the canyon wall and before he knew it found himself hand cuffed to a metal post like a criminal.
“Are you crazy mister?” The Cop screaming into his face, “Can’t you read? The sign says, “IT IS UNLAWFUL TO CROSS BARRIER!” Matt was stunned, his arms were rope burned and he wondered who or what had been used to tear him away from his perch with such violence. “You have the right to remain silent! The policeman struck him, and Matthew suddenly knew why Yeshua, Jesus, answered not his accusers a word, but said only unto Pilot, ‘You would have no power over me lest my Father allowed it.’
Matthew had just entered the realm of the kingdom of God he suddenly knew that it didn’t matter anymore. Gently he smiled at the officer as the world went away and he woke up on the ground some time later. It was dark out now Matthew sat up and leaned against the metal fence wondering whether he’d been dreaming, the blood on his face proved he hadn’t he probed his mind in an attempt to remember what had happened. He remembered the rope, the sudden jerk and being air-borne. He remembered the angry Cop, but most of all he remembered “You would have no authority over me lest it had been given you by my Father!” Matthew looked up into the blackness of the night sky and smiled, “I know Lord! thank you, I know! It’s all good!” He rose to his feet staggering for few steps as he began his trek back home. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world! Greater is he that is in me than the entire world and all of creation. It’s all good cause you are! Cause you are my God amen amen.

It didn’t start with man. It didn’t start with what we think nor what we want! It started with ‘Holiness’! It started with GOD, and with His Holiness and it will end with GOD and with His Holiness, but the end will a beginning, because God will make all things new again.

Hubert Rondeau
Author: Hubert Rondeau

Connecting the dots video with Bryan Ardis

So here we are at the end of April 2022, and the Madness reigns and the crazy rages on.

Before the entire Covid Hijacking of the world I had been writing and blogging about the up coming….Genocide; even talking about killer vaccines. Go back and re read my post called Tsunami Next.

In this interview Bryan Ardis clarifies a whole nother mountain of Evil which the killer Globalists have concocted and initiated.

Run from the Shots, and take Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquin. and many other meds, but never get another shot.

I was done with Blogging! I never get comments or responses, ——-

I think maybe some people are just here on this earth for human population earth fill, maybe I am one. (Here on Earth)

There is an equivalent education of collage on this sit. I would delete the entire thing in a second were it up to me. Maybe I’m just here for comic relief.

If you have read this post up to here, click the link and listen . It might just save your life if you heed it.

click link below and listen closely.

Hubert Rondeau

Cobra Venom 19

I was done with the research and the ENTIRE covid plandemic………Literally-sick of it the whole thing!

Well Dr, Brian Ardis and Mike Adams of did a revelatory interview which I think is the most stunning and telling thing I have ever heard. So click this link and watch, please feel free to share with everyone who will listen to you on this.

Read on, watch the bottom link for more.

I myself have been branded as an idiot for decades already, maybe even by some of you. I don’t care, watch this video and go find yourself some anti venom if you have taken the JAB!

Remember too that in the BIBLE old testament the snakes bit those who rejected Yahweh God and they began to die! So God told Mosses to make a brass serpent and hang it on a pole so that those who would look at it would not die from the snake venom.

Jesus Christ is that anti venom for your eternal soul. He may even save your life when you do as the Children of Israel DID…., because Jesus on the cross was their anti venom in the form of the serpent represented by the snake on the pole which took away their penalty of death for rejecting God!

Where do you stand?

Brian Ardis on the Stew Peters show…….

Watch this one too.

Hubert Rondeau