A lamentation


Another day dawning Lord,what will I see today? I see Psalms 19:8 The precepts of the Lord are right rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the Lord is Pure enlightening the eyes.148827_152174284827106_100001036074659_286405_7531315_n (2)

Lord I see that distraction and business can keep a man off track and away from you, without mention of suffering, pain and traumatic events. Can any man be saved Lord? Will you not shelter me? Look upon me, my frame and my heart have been plundered!

Still the enemy prowls on every side, he changes form so that I cannot discern Him until he has devoured some more. How long oh Lord? Will you not rescue me? Will you cast me off forever? Am I even I not made in your image and likeness?

I hunger for your courts, your presence! And Satan devours my life, and my days! I have looked into your precepts and your commandments were my secret treasure, so they were life to me. How can a lame man walk, and how can a dog become a man, and how can the blind guides who live lies lead the lambs into the pastures of Holiness? My mind is broken how shall it be healed? Surely I must be blind and like a dog who walks alone and barks in the shadows of the night!


My Call

Back somewhere in 1995-96 I was in bed one night when the word of the Lord came clearly to me. That word was “Matthew 10:27″ I was a new believer and not familiar with the word in those days, I turned over and said I’ll look at Mathew 10:27 in the morning.”No you will forget by then go now.” I knew the voice was the Lords voice so I got up and went to the kitchen table and sat down to read it.


As I read the word I began to be afraid. I knew it was the Call of God, I knew that i was in no way capable of preaching anything, dark or light. And I knew that I could never shout out a word from the housetops. I went back to bed and thought about the word I knew there must be a way, but I didn’t know that God himself would make it happen.

Looking back today I see all the ways in which he did make it happen for the next few years. I became involved in men’s ministries, and sometimes preached in our local Church. I often witnessed and preached one on one, never pushy never rude, just gracious. I was called of God to do that and I knew my call. Then things happened, as my church got tangled up with the “Mystic Prophetic” I forgot my call and became snared for a few years with the madness that then prevailed this movement. that was all the time that was needed for me to lose my wife, family, home, and health. I already had health issues I had fibromyalgia, and I had brain issues from several MTBI’s nonetheless my health crashed. In the years that followed I became an outcast and a recluse as my health got worse, still I shared the gospel but not from the same internal place but more as an onlooker. Just last night a lady posted a verse on Instagram which referred to Matt 10:27 and instantly I remembered that “This is my call!” I grieved, I prayed, and I decided that If God would allow me I would write, and speak again.  Lord let it be I pray.  I know there is no life without you and that Christ in me is the only hope of glory at all. amen.


Hubert Rondeau


A Hungry Heart

A hungry heart a thirsty heart

To breathe the breath of life

Where shall I go Look, to what part, to search and find this precious life?

A hungry heart a thirsty heart longing you to see.

In spirit and in truth I find your heart so searching Lord for me.

Broken now and all alone no one knows me precious Lord

Loneliness and solitude not my choice

I come to you

Every day I die again a thousand times ten thousand

To be crucified with you  my gain to put down flesh rebellion

A hungry heart a thirsty heart a broken heart contrite

Oh Lord you will not despise.

A hungry heart


Hubert Rondeau


You thought you knew something about what?


So for many years I have been shouting out and writing about the GREATEST EVIL on the planet right now!

You need to watch this video get your head straight! and spread this word and video! I have tried so hard since 2007, its a bit like trying to preach the Gospel. Y’all most will never hear, think, or understand until like Noah’s story in Genesis Chapter 6 the water rose and killed them all.

You need to get this! For your own sake but for the sake of your kids, and grand kids, if you get to have any.

I coined the term, “Alberta kill zone” I’m sure the eastern slopes where I work are a major target, I’m sure Alberta is overshadowed by some maniacal megalomaniacs, and the death trails are sprayed nearly every day! I make no apologies for my stand! If I am standing alone GOD help me Stand!

Watch the movie with your mind alert to think on your own and hear the whole message.

The Alberta Kill Zone

Hubert Rondeau




Oh God how long have you known me? How long have you seen my struggles and my hopeless state of being while the world is strong and set about me as a mighty fortress?

You know my life, I see how weak I am not only in your sight, but in every aspect of life.How lowly and pitiful I am on this earth. Naked, poor, wretched and blind? No, more than that, more like, weak and broken minded (from my youth) broken abandoned rejected unloved unlovable untouchable like a degenerate person. Like a man with no mind. I’m certain that that is predominately it.

What can I do about it? My life is nearly over and just now I see these things. Who will stand to bring me help? Who will bring me healing? Who will rise up and say “yes it is all true, but life is here now, here to stay?”

Many sorrows cannot quench your love.

But I never knew love in my life, I have known sorrow shame and pain.

Once you said to me, “go back in order to go ahead” I went back Lord, way back to my childhood. But I am blind I don’t see, only glimpses nothing good nothing solid. What is it but brokenness? A broken child? A child with a mental illness?  Or a child with a  brain that has been damaged so damaged so slowed that  he cannot function? cannot run, or sing, or play, just severely damaged stays alone. Stays alone he is alone… years go by…alone…broken mind alone…alone

Hubert Rondeau

Dec 26 17

Fathers Letter


Son, I have many children in the world who have no shepherd, many, many of the flock who sit among ravenous wolves who have become lame and blind.

It is my will to save them if they will hear my voice but the voice of the wolves is loud and pleasant to many of their hearts.

I said to all “watch and pray”, many watched but watched the deceivers dance, song, and charade.

They have been drawn away from the fullness of Christ  the hope of Glory, to the sensational, and the fantastic, the deception of excitement and carnal thrill.

Your wilderness has been bleak and hard, but at any time you could have come out into my light you know, son you know – that nothing of earth can come before me that flesh and blood – cannot – enter the kingdom of God – you know that what ever a man wills; is, “I will ascend to the Heavens of God! I will be like the Most High!”

Mans “will” is carnal, it is flesh and blood, and the kingdom of God is shut to them all. Remember your poem? “Place in me that will of thine, that thy will be mine – not mine.”

So the kingdom of God closes to the will of men, but is ever open to my own children. I said to you, “Read psalm 17:6-15 ” for the purpose, that you might understand.

Remember also that your favorite verse was Psalm 17:15. “As for me I will see your face in righteousness, I will be satisfied when I awake with your likeness.”

Satisfied when I awake and find myself to be like you, “like me is what you knew, you did, you knew what the word was saying, and it was your favorite verse.”

In Righteousness in Spirit, and in Truth is the only way to enter the gates. Truly the flesh, its deeds, wants desires, and needs have no door to this holiness, and the kingdom of God.

Son, most do not believe but put forth a pretentious show,  they will go no further.

If you would stand, stand! though the world would make you crawl – stand – and having done all stand, stand.

Do you remember how Jesus was driven into the wilderness by the Spirit to be tempted by the Devil for 40 days and 40 nights, how when he returned he returned in the “power of the spirit”

The Devil tried to trick him as he had tricked Eve in the Garden! But Jesus waited on the Lord, He  knew, he knew his time was then to resist the Devil until he fled. “Get the hence Satan!”

Do you remember that great “man” Nimrod, who built cities, and began to build the tower of Babel, how I destroyed their works when I divided their tongues? They thought to come up to Heaven that they might do their own “Will”

But no flesh can inherit the kingdom of God!

I have spoken to you, I will speak to you again. trust in me that I will give you strength and light in this dark place.

I said “I will never leave you nor forsake you, you must understand – you must stand on my word. The door is open.

The way, the gate is straight and narrow, But there are few who find it – because- few would suffer the briers, the thorns, the stones and the lashes along that path.

I love you Son

Your Father


Hubert Rondeau