You thought you knew something about what?


So for many years I have been shouting out and writing about the GREATEST EVIL on the planet right now!

You need to watch this video get your head straight! and spread this word and video! I have tried so hard since 2007, its a bit like trying to preach the Gospel. Y’all most will never hear, think, or understand until like Noah’s story in Genesis Chapter 6 the water rose and killed them all.

You need to get this! For your own sake but for the sake of your kids, and grand kids, if you get to have any.

I coined the term, “Alberta kill zone” I’m sure the eastern slopes where I work are a major target, I’m sure Alberta is overshadowed by some maniacal megalomaniacs, and the death trails are sprayed nearly every day! I make no apologies for my stand! If I am standing alone GOD help me Stand!

Watch the movie with your mind alert to think on your own and hear the whole message.

The Alberta Kill Zone

Hubert Rondeau





Oh God how long have you known me? How long have you seen my struggles and my hopeless state of being while the world is strong and set about me as a mighty fortress?

You know my life, I see how weak I am not only in your sight, but in every aspect of life.How lowly and pitiful I am on this earth. Naked, poor, wretched and blind? No, more than that, more like, weak and broken minded (from my youth) broken abandoned rejected unloved unlovable untouchable like a degenerate person. Like a man with no mind. I’m certain that that is predominately it.

What can I do about it? My life is nearly over and just now I see these things. Who will stand to bring me help? Who will bring me healing? Who will rise up and say “yes it is all true, but life is here now, here to stay?”

Many sorrows cannot quench your love.

But I never knew love in my life, I have known sorrow shame and pain.

Once you said to me, “go back in order to go ahead” I went back Lord, way back to my childhood. But I am blind I don’t see, only glimpses nothing good nothing solid. What is it but brokenness? A broken child? A child with a mental illness?  Or a child with a  brain that has been damaged so damaged so slowed that  he cannot function? cannot run, or sing, or play, just severely damaged stays alone. Stays alone he is alone… years go by…alone…broken mind alone…alone

Hubert Rondeau

Dec 26 17

Fathers Letter


Son, I have many children in the world who have no shepherd, many, many of the flock who sit among ravenous wolves who have become lame and blind.

It is my will to save them if they will hear my voice but the voice of the wolves is loud and pleasant to many of their hearts.

I said to all “watch and pray”, many watched but watched the deceivers dance, song, and charade.

They have been drawn away from the fullness of Christ  the hope of Glory, to the sensational, and the fantastic, the deception of excitement and carnal thrill.

Your wilderness has been bleak and hard, but at any time you could have come out into my light you know, son you know – that nothing of earth can come before me that flesh and blood – cannot – enter the kingdom of God – you know that what ever a man wills; is, “I will ascend to the Heavens of God! I will be like the Most High!”

Mans “will” is carnal, it is flesh and blood, and the kingdom of God is shut to them all. Remember your poem? “Place in me that will of thine, that thy will be mine – not mine.”

So the kingdom of God closes to the will of men, but is ever open to my own children. I said to you, “Read psalm 17:6-15 ” for the purpose, that you might understand.

Remember also that your favorite verse was Psalm 17:15. “As for me I will see your face in righteousness, I will be satisfied when I awake with your likeness.”

Satisfied when I awake and find myself to be like you, “like me is what you knew, you did, you knew what the word was saying, and it was your favorite verse.”

In Righteousness in Spirit, and in Truth is the only way to enter the gates. Truly the flesh, its deeds, wants desires, and needs have no door to this holiness, and the kingdom of God.

Son, most do not believe but put forth a pretentious show,  they will go no further.

If you would stand, stand! though the world would make you crawl – stand – and having done all stand, stand.

Do you remember how Jesus was driven into the wilderness by the Spirit to be tempted by the Devil for 40 days and 40 nights, how when he returned he returned in the “power of the spirit”

The Devil tried to trick him as he had tricked Eve in the Garden! But Jesus waited on the Lord, He  knew, he knew his time was then to resist the Devil until he fled. “Get the hence Satan!”

Do you remember that great “man” Nimrod, who built cities, and began to build the tower of Babel, how I destroyed their works when I divided their tongues? They thought to come up to Heaven that they might do their own “Will”

But no flesh can inherit the kingdom of God!

I have spoken to you, I will speak to you again. trust in me that I will give you strength and light in this dark place.

I said “I will never leave you nor forsake you, you must understand – you must stand on my word. The door is open.

The way, the gate is straight and narrow, But there are few who find it – because- few would suffer the briers, the thorns, the stones and the lashes along that path.

I love you Son

Your Father


Hubert Rondeau

Christmas Morning Diatribe



Are you a prophet then Son? No Lord I am not. Many today seem to think themselves so and are deceived in their own minds. I am what I am and if I ever could understand maybe then I could stand.

One thing I ask one thing I seek that I may dwell in your house oh Lord.

One thing you said and I know is true, no one can come into your house with anything from this world, no one can come in but as a child, and all who enter must come empty handed with no banners, no boasts and no belongings. Only what… a heart of thanksgiving for the salvation and new birth afforded of the cross of Christ, and the grace that is greater than all our sin.

For in the beginning God created, and when men sinned Christ was foreordained in the mind of the Father to come to preach the condemnation of all sin in the flesh, and to proclaim that eternal life in the new birth, the birth of the Spirit, through the blood of the lamb Jesus Christ the righteous.

Christ in you is the hope and the only hope of Glory.

Hubert Rondeau

2017 Christmas cheer?



Ho ho ho its Christmas and I’m invisible.

I wish I knew the number of people who feel this way every Christmas.

Up here in the great white north its snowy and cold right now. So when I get time off I don’t want to go outside and freeze my handicapped bum off unless I have to.

Question; if one doesn’t have a wheelchair, can he possibly be handicapped? If one in a wheelchair should laugh or smile a lot, does that mean he’s not handicapped and should just get up and go for a long walk?

Its been so long that I have struggled with my condition I think I’m normal. No I’m far from normal, although sometimes as blind as anyone around me.

If I had a wheelchair you still wouldn’t see me at Walmart unless I could walk, because I stay away as much as I can cause my handicap affects my entire body, mind, soul, and spirit. When I’m normal I’m suffering many of the symptoms people call invisible.

They are no more invisible than a bus! But they are fully invisible to the culture we live in which has been reared with no compassion care and mercy.


A new day


So here we are its 4:00 am  I’m wide awake and hurting again, actually I’ve been awake most of the night, trying to sleep as much as I could.  Is this Fibromyalgia, is it Something else?

I’m at a place where I’m not so sure of myself anymore not that I ever really was. So I’m up at 4 am, so I wish my life would change and that the pain and all the other aspects of this disease would just simply vanish.

I remember the Days of Old The Psalmist David cried, I meditate on all thy doings, I stretch out my hands to you. One thing I asked that will I seek that I may dwell in your house Oh Lord! All of my Days All of my life that I might see you Lord. Hear me O Lord hear me when I cry Lord do not Hide your face from me, you have been my strength you have been my shield and you will lift me up.  THIS  is my hope, this is my only hope from childhood I have had this disease, from childhood I have lived a roller coaster life of anguish, of intense anxiety, of guilt and shame of a mind not stable or grounded in love.

One thing I ask O Lord one thing I seek that I may dwell in your house… Not my house but your house, your house is wherever I might be at any time, your house is world wide and visibly invisible to men of this earthen world.  Your house can be entered by your children at any time day or night we need only to abandon the charms and trinkets weights and worries of this place wherein we dwell.

I will enter your gates with thanks giving in my heart I will enter your courts with praise. I will say this is the day that the Lord has made, and rejoice for you have made me glad.

there was a time in my life O Lord when I would write and you would come sit with me as I wrote, you instructed me as I  sought the keys to form the words my heart was searching to express. Lord, Paul said in Romans 10 that your gifting and callings are not taken away, that we have those gifts as gifts not earned and we have them for life.

My handicap and the turmoil anxiety and stresses of this life have made me fall face down in this gutterous world this modern mayhem of a society which is so jaded that performance and status seem to be all there is to life, and I cannot keep up.

I need the one thing that a man after your heart only needs ‘rest’ to rest my hope solely upon you and to have no other hope dream or desire whatsoever.

Lord I come to you today, with a simple prayer to pray, in everything I do let my life Oh Oh Lord praise you. Praise you praise you let my life praise you…

Open the eyes of my heart again forgive me of my sin and my wandering ways, My God you know they only added to the pain, the loneliness and the shame which I have already suffered. Restore unto me the Joy of thy salvation and renew a right Spirit within me.


Hubert ROndeau

Dec 20 2017

Just a quick update for now, but I’m hoping to begin blogging again within a few short days. its amazing how off track a person can get in this life, I had wondered why the Old testament writers so often confessed their sins to God, I had always thought them all to be perfect.


November 25 was a harvest day for me, this was the first moose tag I had drawn in 8-9 years.



My entire strategy was to pray to God for an opportunity to harvest a moose, I messed up twice and that was a long story in itself.

But on the 25th I confessed to God that I messed up and asked for one more chance. I believe He answered and as a result I did get my Moose. “Thank you Lord!”



Fibromyalgia… Yes I have it and its chronic in my case. I have just begun to seek disability as my life is getting much harder, and I am struggling more and more to work. My first dream was to serve the Lord when Fibro took me down the first time 15 years or so back. Now it seems like we are headed down the same road again but in much harsher ways, its almost terrifying on certain days. I pray Jesus, forgive me, and somehow please use my life whatever is left of it for your glory and purposes, I have found nothing better to live for than you on this earth. amen


Hubert Rondeau