In the beginning….


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was void and without form and darkness was on the face of he deep. 1:3 “Then God Said.”  When God said, he began to speak everything into being, then God said it is good! And it was good all good.

So God created man, he created them male  and female and sent them to tend the garden which God had made in Eden. In the beginning God made man in His ‘Gods’ image and likeness. Man was created just one step lower than the angels. Man was created out of dust, but man would live forever in that he was created perfect. At the point of  creation man was a three part being as God is. Man was a living soul in an earthly body and had an eternal living spirit. “In the image and likeness of God he made him.”

When things went wrong  Eve was tempted by the Serpent and sinned, she and Adam fell from the eternal everlasting to the carnal and transient. That meant they lost something, something of God.  They ‘died’ they were no longer connected to God in the spirit, but were now alone and on their own not only that, but now the knew that they would one day die.

As time passed many millions of people have come and gone from the earth, all since Adam and Eve were different than they, because Adam and Eve were created, not born, all those born of them inherited their death. That is we all have been born without the connection to God in the Spirit, we were born dead in a very real scene. Adams sin dismembered mankind from eternity and the presence of God indwelling.

Lets move ahead now to when Jesus was on the earth, why did he come and what was his purpose? Jesus came to give life to those who would believe his gospel message. He came to seek that which was lost. Those who knew that there was something missing, something so wrong with their lives. They knew but they didn’t know that their was a part of them missing inside.

Jesus came for us too.

What happened, Jesus met Nicodemus that night and explained to him  that we must be born again____you see we were born with a missing component and as Nicodemus knew something was wrong so do we. When someone is truly born again, God brings that person into everlasting life. They are restored to the position that Adam and Eve had at first in Eden, they suddenly have eternal life, and are part of Gods Kingdom.

That is the entire purpose of Christ, that is the beginning and the beginning again. That is what no man can ever give you, no church, no religion, only Christ Can bring you this missing component to your very life. That is Christ in you the hope of Glory.

The Bible says in one place; If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead you shall be saved, for with the heart one believes unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.




Some things you need to know.

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In a world… a world where we all have acquired full and instant knowledge about EVERYTHING under the sun “just ask us”  In this world, in reality the world of presumption and pride, There are some crucial facts that those in power, I refer to the real powers not the token visible. There has been since the beginning of the industrial age a total conditioning and indoctrination of us all.  That indoctrination has spellbound all of us in North America and indeed most if not all of the world. That indoctrination has changed you and your entire life and perspective from your very childhood regardless of your current age.

The conditioning has engulfed the masses, and all the peoples including the Christians. I often wondered and pleaded with God to know why the Church (term used loosely) why the church was so indifferent, vague, and shallow, nothing like Christ has…

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A lamentation


Another day dawning Lord,what will I see today? I see Psalms 19:8 The precepts of the Lord are right rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the Lord is Pure enlightening the eyes.148827_152174284827106_100001036074659_286405_7531315_n (2)

Lord I see that distraction and business can keep a man off track and away from you, without mention of suffering, pain and traumatic events. Can any man be saved Lord? Will you not shelter me? Look upon me, my frame and my heart have been plundered!

Still the enemy prowls on every side, he changes form so that I cannot discern Him until he has devoured some more. How long oh Lord? Will you not rescue me? Will you cast me off forever? Am I even I not made in your image and likeness?

I hunger for your courts, your presence! And Satan devours my life, and my days! I have looked into your precepts and your commandments were my secret treasure, so they were life to me. How can a lame man walk, and how can a dog become a man, and how can the blind guides who live lies lead the lambs into the pastures of Holiness? My mind is broken how shall it be healed? Surely I must be blind and like a dog who walks alone and barks in the shadows of the night!

2017 Christmas cheer?



Ho ho ho its Christmas and I’m invisible.

I wish I knew the number of people who feel this way every Christmas.

Up here in the great white north its snowy and cold right now. So when I get time off I don’t want to go outside and freeze my handicapped bum off unless I have to.

Question; if one doesn’t have a wheelchair, can he possibly be handicapped? If one in a wheelchair should laugh or smile a lot, does that mean he’s not handicapped and should just get up and go for a long walk?

Its been so long that I have struggled with my condition I think I’m normal. No I’m far from normal, although sometimes as blind as anyone around me.

If I had a wheelchair you still wouldn’t see me at Walmart unless I could walk, because I stay away as much as I can cause my handicap affects my entire body, mind, soul, and spirit. When I’m normal I’m suffering many of the symptoms people call invisible.

They are no more invisible than a bus! But they are fully invisible to the culture we live in which has been reared with no compassion care and mercy.


I can see it now

Write a word a song, a poem long no short and sweet. How can it be that you oh Lord should be the one who loves a man like me.

So oft I walk alone, I go so quiet so all alone, my life oh Lord you know – you know this way.

No form no comeliness, no glory or beauty lives in this earthly frame.

If these walls could speak I’d have someone to talk to then, but Lord I do have a friend in you my life my light my way.

Abiding in  you is all I really need you are the vine of life the only one I really need. No longer let me stray help me remember still each and every day that you are alive in me.

Abiding in the vine the way the truth the life, no enemy can come close my heart is hid in you. Abiding in the vine is all I want to be – so to be renewed Lord abide in me.

The only place I want to be is to be hidden with Christ in you – with Christ in me. I know I’ve lost my way stumbled in the dark, I know I’ve failed to see failed to stay at rest in thee, but I can see it now Lord please rescue me make me free to live again my life I give to thee.

Just hold my hand and walk with me lead me to the end – beginning once again, beginning once again Lord hold on tight to me I have no strength to be anywhere close to you unless you have drawn me….

Hold me close to thee…

Draw me close to thee.


Hubert Rondeau