Please sit down and watch this documentary. It will change if not save your life. Once you have seen it pass it on to everyone you know.


Billions of us need to wake up today tomorrow may be too late.


Global PRS…Problem,Reaction,Solution


P.R.S: Problem Reaction Solution, The New World Orders classic scenario of every operation.

Content written by Me Hubert, But the understanding of P.R.S is fully David Ickes work so all credit on P.R.S to David.


Problem either created or fictitiously made up … W.T.C … Demolition claimed to be an act of terror, when in fact it was a controlled demolition, resulting in the manslaughter of 3000 people, and the excuse to invade several countries in the name of a fictitious war on terror! Where in the real terrorists were in fact the creators of the entire global scam and its millions of casualties, not to mention another step in global dominance and the billions to be made through the invasions of Countries

Reaction, again fictitious, mostly made up by the News Media! (Somebody’s Got To Do Something!!

Solution:  The Solution comes from the very ones who created the problem or fictitious problem, also known as (false flag). In this case ,”The war on Terror”.


The end game goal, global dominance and eventual governmental control, i.e., military martial law, Fema camps, death camps the whole deal !


Where were you when the lights went out?

1: At the game?

2: At the bar ?

3: At Church… The prophetic, charismatic?

4: No really…  at your neighbors house?

5: With his wife/ With her husband?

6: With your head stuck in the political sand box of some polite- ition  oxymoron top of 1000!

Joel, my friend, says the masses will never wake up he’s right to a great extent!  but my Bible says yes they will when the signs in the heavens are such that men’s hearts will fail for the terror that is about to come upon them!


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Author: Hubert Rondeau