Some things you need to know.

In a world… a world where we all have acquired full and instant knowledge about EVERYTHING under the sun “just ask us”  In this world, in reality the world of presumption and pride, There are some crucial facts that those in power, I refer to the real powers not the token visible. There has been since the beginning of the industrial age a total conditioning and indoctrination of us all.  That indoctrination has spellbound all of us in North America and indeed most if not all of the world. That indoctrination has changed you and your entire life and perspective from your very childhood regardless of your current age.

The conditioning has engulfed the masses, and all the peoples including the Christians. I often wondered and pleaded with God to know why the Church (term used loosely) why the church was so indifferent, vague, and shallow, nothing like Christ has intended. and why there is no apparent “Holiness” in these churches. The Bible says “without Holiness no one will see the Lord”. No one will get it !

Well I have a mountain of information which is very revealing, but not for the faint of heart. Begin with the series from YouTube, The Century of self. watch all of the parts, try not to fret on any point, but get the whole scope of the message, that message… that we began to be human farmed in the 1920’s. please watch all the parts.

Now I,m hoping that you have watched them all, and I know that you are beginning to see as you have never seen before.

Next: The Exploding Auto immune epidemic, by Dr Tent. Again another resounding wake-up call to us who either knew everything there is to know,  or to those of us who cant figure anything out at all about this bazaar world or the lives we now live. Listen to Dr Tent as he unfolds the world in a view you have never imagined before.


Thirdly, now have a look at the current efforts by the Elites on Human farming and Global control, the Documentary Frankenskies. Im not a teacher, but I needed to know what was happening, and what was killing my body. So watch Frankenskies. and begin to look up daily until you truly see.


You may be wondering why I a preacher of the salvation of Jesus Christ would dig so deeply into these things, well personally the Lord told me to go back in order to go ahead. That going back meant to find our true roots. Truly I am old enough to remember a different day maybe it was the LAST day of the days when people had a sense of intrinsic value and worth, that value which brings you to tears when you see a glimpse of it being displayed as rare as it is in this world today. It is indeed a different world and we are the new herd, not so new because the herding began in the 1920’s

Lord Jesus  Give each one who reads then follows through with the videos much grace and understanding. You said in Daniel that in the last days knowledge would increase, Let it be that multitudes would come to this revelation, and that we would wake up to see what has become of us all. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray amen.



Please sit down and watch this documentary. It will change if not save your life. Once you have seen it pass it on to everyone you know.


Billions of us need to wake up today tomorrow may be too late.

Global PRS…Problem,Reaction,Solution


P.R.S: Problem Reaction Solution, The New World Orders classic scenario of every operation.

Content written by Me Hubert, But the understanding of P.R.S is fully David Ickes work so all credit on P.R.S to David.


Problem either created or fictitiously made up … W.T.C … Demolition claimed to be an act of terror, when in fact it was a controlled demolition, resulting in the manslaughter of 3000 people, and the excuse to invade several countries in the name of a fictitious war on terror! Where in the real terrorists were in fact the creators of the entire global scam and its millions of casualties, not to mention another step in global dominance and the billions to be made through the invasions of Countries

Reaction, again fictitious, mostly made up by the News Media! (Somebody’s Got To Do Something!!

Solution:  The Solution comes from the very ones who created the problem or fictitious problem, also known as (false flag). In this case ,”The war on Terror”.


The end game goal, global dominance and eventual governmental control, i.e., military martial law, Fema camps, death camps the whole deal !


Where were you when the lights went out?

1: At the game?

2: At the bar ?

3: At Church… The prophetic, charismatic?

4: No really…  at your neighbors house?

5: With his wife/ With her husband?

6: With your head stuck in the political sand box of some polite- ition  oxymoron top of 1000!

Joel, my friend, says the masses will never wake up he’s right to a great extent!  but my Bible says yes they will when the signs in the heavens are such that men’s hearts will fail for the terror that is about to come upon them!


Photo borrowed online


Author: Hubert Rondeau