Cloud seeding


If only that were all !!!   Im very ill today again ! I watched two jets spraying Chemtrails this morning, I know these illegitimate sons are out to kill!!!

This is after all the Alberta kill zone!

Funny thing about this province, she is regulated to,  and indoctrinated to rape and plunder all resources for the sake of Commerce !

She is a dead zone, an abominable Harlot

No wonder her Premier has a swines brow eh?

Read the article below and begin to know that Babylon is after your life she cares not about your soul, she has that lest you truly repent!

Cloud seeding is simply a forerunner for full on chem-spraying/ Ariel poisoning and genocide. I have said it before!!!    Wake up they will begin to kill regions and cities one day soon.

Larken Rose Can a Christian be an Anarchist?

Jeremiah 2:13 For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.

Government equals the Broken cisterns/ trade systems for cisterns and see that governments can in no way hold the living water of the life of God.

Anarchists very much can be true Christians, and true Christians must be anarchist in nature for a fact. If a Christian votes he is attempting to chose a new God, if he runs he is attempting to become one!

You Might want to Hear this

You might want to think about Larkens message…

My God let us all  hear

Okay all lyrics of Citizen Cain don’t completely match Larken’s message but……

You might own all the locks in the whole &()%%( town but there aint no chains on me!!

Don’t be afraid of them who kill the body but then can do no more but fear him who after he has killed the body can kill the soul in hell.

Freedom goes all the way to the cross then to the grave the to everlasting life!

Hubert Rondeau

Once you see it/ You can’t not see it


Its October already and as usual the “Alberta Climate Control Aerosol “Winter” Program ” Has begun.


I’m a bit angry and discouraged, I have written so many articles on this topic before and gotten nowhere with my efforts, I have ended up deleting so much good work.

“Be not weary in well doing Galatians says, for when the seasons over we shall reap if we faint not.”

But I am weak, and I have fainted many times.

Why am I so weak? God says that its not good for a man to be alone.

Yeah so be a real Christian, Look up, watch and pray, and you too will see the things that have been coming upon us for decades as I do, and  “IF” you try to speak up you will find yourself alone and if God doesn’t strengthen you  you will become weary too!



Not Only the American Government, But Right Here in Alberta Canada eh!

David Kieth Said it;  Nations Can Only Spray Chemtrails such as Sulfer over their own Nations; But I bet he also knows that Nations can Hire out the fumigation programs internationally as well! I mean how mush easier is it to self justify and claim ignorance when the Pest controller spraying your house and family comes from a foreign nation?


We had thanksgiving at my Sons place yesterday, his sister noticed that his left eye was bloodshot, and began to question him as to why, after a while I said “it’s chemtrails!”  because it was chemtrails, Isaac is an outdoors guy like his dad, the chemtrails of late have brought us -SNOW- polymer snow, and, and other things… sore dry burning eyes and respiratory systems, dry coughs, and extreme tiredness.



Excerpts from the GLOBE AND MAIL!!!  (1950’s)

Who’s the crazy one now people?





Cloud seeding Flare planes, these are Just the little guys. These guys are not seen up around the  Edson/Hinton areas. Up Here they use jets. The planes in the photo depict flariring,  which is a burning flare which releases Silver Oxidide!

Don’t believe a word of that Global warming, climate change carbon footprint  STUFF!

Its all a Hoax! all of it. and the goal is for one, your soul and mind. and to the domination and control of the planet with the destruction of millions of lives. Isaac wasn’t the only one suffering from this evil weather modification I was too! Every winter I break out with sores in  my mouth that are like acid burns, my sinuses regularly bleed, I have power sneezing fits  that seem like my head will explode, body pain that stabs and pierces throughout my entire body and many other symptoms.

I would ask you the readers whether anyone has ever asked you if you are okay with being sprayed (in the face if you will), if you are okay with being sprayed with Silver Oxidide? not to mention Particulate Aluminum, Barium salts, Ammonium, Sulfur, and maybe another 20-50 other compounds these Alchemists have dreamed up  and customized just for you?

How about “WaterLok” or rather Polyacrylate?  A polymer which binds water molecules to the weight of 800 time its consistency or molecular structure, and holds it there in a gel state, until the clouds cannot retain it then it comes down as a deluge of gross rain or slimy snow. Remember Canmore, remember the Canmore flood a few years back? I saw a Youtube video at that time in which you could see the slimy snow landing in huge globs on the car windshield from where the video was being taken (in the car). Remember I called that storm! I knew it because of the intense chem-spray activity over head  for a whole week before it happened!

There are a lot of People in Alberta who need to be in jail for this conspiracy, one person that I know of was killed it that flood so that makes it – MANSLAGHTER! So Mister/Mrs  Insurance underwriter, or Governmental climate board or who the %&%%$  ever you are, maybe the right reverend Geoengineering Guru from U of C  David Kieth?

Do you think you will get away with your evil? even if you do one day you will face Y-H-W-H  and then you will have a taste, an everlasting banquet of global warming while you roast forever in the lake which the Bible calls the lake of fire!   Not  to mention  being cut in two before the face of Him whose rule you would not subject your proud selves under!

Jesus said Do unto others as you would have them unto you ! That is the common law rule of life! Do No Harm!  David You Know better!


Look at this, a common Spider web?  No its a Polymer here are some more


And More


And More



Over a 30 mile area billions and billions of tiny little spiders all working in union in thirty minutes to spin these unsymmetrical blobs of polymer we all have thought for years were Spider webs!  let alone a solid week of FOG what the heck is this Britain? No  Climate change and global warming are a farce and a ruse to the end of Global domination and Control. End of Story!

They have been doing this for decades, I’m 57 this year, they started this stuff according to Alberta stats back in the early 50’s  so I have never seen an  unadulterated God ordained blue-sky day in my life! and  there are billions of people on P.E. Planet Earth that never ever will either!

So why aren’t you outraged? Why don’t  you care enough to find every man  and woman responsible and deal with them Alberta?

Are you not blind? Are you not dumbed down to where you cannot conceive of this problem? does it not make sense to you?


I was reading this poster in the mill office a week ago and noticing the amount of people who have recently died of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, when one of the supervisors from the mill came over and said ” what are you doing, trying to learn something.” then she laughed. as I said yes / look at this, all the people who have died from C.O.P.D in the last year. She  said wow what is that? I thought heart, but no its a respiratory disease.

Hmmmmm  maybe there is a link to constant inhalation of the Alchemists brew, and prescription for the eastern slopes. Maybe i’m not going crazy, or maybe I am, but am being assisted in it by simply breathing the air!

Like the old song says

All that I need it the air that I breathe and to love you.

Note: Some photos borrowed online, others mine.

Claim against objectors, simply the right to personal/public journal

Hubert Rondeau

Global PRS…Problem,Reaction,Solution


P.R.S: Problem Reaction Solution, The New World Orders classic scenario of every operation.

Content written by Me Hubert, But the understanding of P.R.S is fully David Ickes work so all credit on P.R.S to David.


Problem either created or fictitiously made up … W.T.C … Demolition claimed to be an act of terror, when in fact it was a controlled demolition, resulting in the manslaughter of 3000 people, and the excuse to invade several countries in the name of a fictitious war on terror! Where in the real terrorists were in fact the creators of the entire global scam and its millions of casualties, not to mention another step in global dominance and the billions to be made through the invasions of Countries

Reaction, again fictitious, mostly made up by the News Media! (Somebody’s Got To Do Something!!

Solution:  The Solution comes from the very ones who created the problem or fictitious problem, also known as (false flag). In this case ,”The war on Terror”.


The end game goal, global dominance and eventual governmental control, i.e., military martial law, Fema camps, death camps the whole deal !


Where were you when the lights went out?

1: At the game?

2: At the bar ?

3: At Church… The prophetic, charismatic?

4: No really…  at your neighbors house?

5: With his wife/ With her husband?

6: With your head stuck in the political sand box of some polite- ition  oxymoron top of 1000!

Joel, my friend, says the masses will never wake up he’s right to a great extent!  but my Bible says yes they will when the signs in the heavens are such that men’s hearts will fail for the terror that is about to come upon them!


Photo borrowed online


Author: Hubert Rondeau

The Difference

Cultural Christianity is as much a trap as any form or doctrine on the earth! It is the Spirit that gives life, you must be born again!


So I posted a video from David Icke, maybe he seems not to be a believer, maybe most readers would deny that I am a Christian now? As off the wall or strange or weird as David Icke  sounds, Bible readers have to recognize  a lot of what he says is Bible based even though has no claim to faith. David Icke’s claim is to consciousnesses i.e. the awareness of the vastness of the – beyond what we see, hear, touch, and taste. Many things he speaks of are written in the Word of God, though few are so well versed as to remember or understand what is being said. Again i.e. when Gahazi and Elisha were out numbered by an army Elisha prayed God to open Gahazi’s eyes then he saw that the armies were far outnumbered by the armies of God.  Another briefly is Peter on the roof top being in a trance – in prayer – it used to bother me that that was in scripture. How about Jesus after his resurrection, appearing to his disciples entering the locked room they were in without opening the door, so they thought him a spirit, or a ghost, so he said come feel me, a spirit has not flesh and bones as you see I have. Notice too that he Did not say blood,  his side and his hands were still open!

Why did I post David Icke then?  Well he see’s what is happening on this earth, he see’s what Jesus meant when he said the days are evil. they are, and they are far more evil than almost anyone of us can perceive. So why publish Him here? Well someone some day; who reads my work will need to get beyond the confession of this shallow modern get what I want gospel to figuring out that Christ in us is the only hope of glory, and that “if for in this life only we have faith we are of all people most pitiable!”

Jesus openly walked on water, as did Peter, but Peter couldn’t cope, or continue, because he must have thought it wrong. or too weird or overwhelming! But it has to be easier to walk (on water) than in it, certainly like chest deep or more, forget it if its over our heads!

What do you suppose Jesus meant when he said “greater works than these shall you do?”

I put forth to you that David Icke is wrong about many things but brilliantly dead on target about some universal Basics which we have never even considered which should be basic and fundamental to the Church.

What difference does it make? all the difference, if Christianity is nothing more than a philosophy, or a cultural / cultic belief system it then is nothing more than any other, and there is no salvation, and no hope of a new eternal glorified body, a new heaven or new earth.

What will soon become critical for Christs Body, the true church is to know whom they believe in and that he is able to keep them unto all eternity, and the His Kingdom is not of this world. what is coming is the division of those who are carnal earthly sensual, who have a form of godliness, but not the truth of Christ in them.

Jesus did say “Many will come in my name saying I am he!”  What they are he? Yes and He is He also. and deceive many. (What Many?)  what is many among seven billion?

Cultural Christianity is as much a trap as any form or doctrine on the earth! It is the Spirit that gives life, you must be born again!


Hubert Rondeau