Hallelujah he reigns




IF you made it through the first video,  “HE REIGNS” ; listen to Peter Furler as he shares his testimony as  a Preachers kid below , and may Y-H-W-H  break your heart with holiness and tenderness as a mother who cherishes her babies,

From the rising of the sun till its setting  the name of the Lord is to be praised!


Yeshua Jesus have mercy on those of us who have been so hardened  in this world and life that is so full of pain and shame, my God you alone are life……tears, tears, again so many tears!

God my God you are Holy!

Greater love has no man than that he lay down his life for his fiends

Yeah I know the word says friends but many of us are  his fiends more than friends  as we set out stumbling blocks for those who are entering in to the kingdom by faith and grace; we being  the lawyers the very ones Jesus rebuked saying, “lest your righteousness exceeds that of the lawyers the scribes and paraphrases , you shall not enter the kingdom of God.

Ephesians 2:8  By grace you are saved through faith!



Hubert Rondeau





The Letter

I went into  one of Edson’s local Stores yesterday and as I talked with an employee  he picked up a letter which had been anonymously sent to the store, and I presume to many  of our local stores, He asked me, — Your a bit of a conspiracy theory guy hey? I said instantly no, because the conspiracy is a fact not a theory. Anyhow, he handed me the letter, and I began to read, he asked me if this was true. Yes I assured hit that it was. Although the letter writer was a bit off on a few points this letter was well (Hand Written) I have photographed it and will now include it on this post, If you know who wrote this letter please let me know because I would like to contact them.






So there it is as you can see there is no indication of whom the author is, but excellent Job the whoever it was. This person, or persons, is attempting to do all they can to reach anyone they can to stop the insane devils from spraying  and eventually killing us all!  By the way I didn’t write the letter but my name is Hubert Rondeau of Edson Alberta, and I’m no coward, truth is truth!

These pilots, Chemists, geoengineers, and bank rollers all need to be brought to justice and for one day or however long it takes we need capitol punishment  re instated for them that the evildoers learn that life is precious, and no one has any right to spray, or poison, or otherwise anyone else on this planet!

Be Still !

Lord could it be true that there are few that know you, that there are many who are called but few who are chosen?


And what of me? You know me, my struggles, sin and shame, of weakness and pain you are aware, and familiar. I have hidden and crawled into a shell, a small abode with little light Lord you know, a small place lonely and somewhat sad but quiet.

Be still and know the Bible says, be still and know! Lord I do know. I do know that I need thee every hour, that every breath is given by you. That there is truth in this wicked world, where men and women swear there are no absolutes, demanding thus to be the only absolute!

Where killers mount up to the heavens daily, where for many years like Dragons they spew and emit… Poisons from the wings and tails to kill all that dwell below, as they empty the bowels of their wicked cargo they come down to earth again and lie in wait for another mission another chance to fly taking rest in their own toxic cloud eating and breathing their poisons, dying the death of their own victims.

Why should I hide?

Why should I not cry aloud?

Men are evil and love to have it so!


Hubert Rondeau

Alberta Eastern Slopes Kill Zone

Hey its Nov 20 2016 I’m here in the “not so great white north” of Edson Alberta, sitting on  my couch wondering what its going to take for CANADA, and the world to wake up and do something about the biggest threat to all man kind that this world has ever known other than the Global Game Changer  when God destroyed the earth with a global flood some 4000 years ago.img_01101376

Smog/chemtrail poison: Looking at the photos in this post, would you think this ‘fog’ or just another gloomy day in Alberta?


This isn’t fog at all but the product of flaring in the heavens above, notice the color, and the solidarity of the “clouds”?


I’m not sure whether I have the fortune or misfortune of being of the age to know the difference between a cloud and a manufactured assassins bullet disguised as a cloud namely  a geoengineering assault on all humans, flora, and fauna  on this North American Continent!

1643507sphoto borrowed online

I have written about this many times, I have yet to see or receive a twinge of care, or response, awareness, awakening, or even a hint that anyone see’s or hears, a thing about the things that some certain evil people have been spraying on  Canada and all of North America for decades now!


I went out twice today , my lungs are burning, I was coughing, and my heart rate is still elevated and hurting uncomfortably, eyes burning typical of chemtrail fallout. The sky has a brown tinge to it and a smell to my heightened senses of smell and extreme chemical sensitivity due to Chronic Fibromyalgia,  the smell  is as of a smoke machine or strong a incense. So I am feeling very anxious, and agitated right now also a side effect of being poisoned and the chemical side effect as well.

I have recently been struggling with thoughts of what future may be in store for me, and what I should do as I am getting older in  years and losing interest in this fight. The fight to work and earn a living in an environment where nobody counts, and nothing means anything  because nobody cares, and generally people are clueless as to the truth of what is happening around them.


Photo borrowed online

Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Canada  ah ah ah yeah !!

So As I was saying I am troubled as to what I should do! Because I don’t want to live in the eastern slopes kill zone anymore. Are we a part of some harrid experiment? “Or” are we under a direct attack from some secret insane mercenaries armed with flare planes and  seemingly endless twisted and varied chemical aerosol blends  which when sprayed from certain Jet Planes at high altitude by design slowly stupefy and kill everything?

Both I think in fact I’m certain of it.

So how shall I spend the rest of my time here?– “Living the Chemtrail Dream?”– slowly becoming more and more ill until I can’t support myself any longer? Or should I stop, Stop and make a change now while I can maybe contribute something to the cause of causes which has far too few champions and far too great an opposition and ignorant mass base.

You see I am in no way interested in “same old same old!” If I am going to live here I need to see  this insanity stop. It’s so disappointing to talk to people and realize that they have no idea that anything is going on at all.

Christians as well as anybody else! Where are the charismatic prophetic  and apostolic people? Surely God has shown them whats happening hasn’t he?



No they are blinder than the blind and soon the ditches will be lined with the dead corpses of them all, Jesus said it didn’t he…Matthew 15:14


Don’t Forget Prophet Rick Joyner/ Knight of Malta

So I’m in a dilemma, and I need God to open my eyes, and heart as to what to do because frankly, I don’t want to go to work any longer.

There is a horrid war raging and so few soldiers! How can we go on if we don’t fight? And how can we expect grand children if the likes of Bill Gates, and David Kieth continue to beguile and deceive the Governing bodies and people into submissively succumbing to the key devices of their engineered manslaughter?

Orville and Wilbur Wrights father was a Baptist Preacher, history has it that he once prophesied that men would one day fly in the sky! I don’t know if he envisioned planes, or overheard his sons dreaming,  which ever, but if he had also prophesied that those planes would one day change the world as evil pilots would spray the  planet with heavy metals and diverse poisons killing millions of people animals fish and game, and trillions of tons of forest and wilderness, creatures and livestock, those baptist brothers would have seen the father of the fathers of aviation locked up in an asylum.



This is an evil evil man listen to what he is saying but think! “If we do a really good job with vaccines we could cut the world population???

Global warming is an evil ruse! And there are many people profiting  hugely from the Kill !

Gates must be jailed  he and all the Geo engineering devils with him! Don’t forget David Keith up here in Calgary Canada. Put them all in jail for the rest of their lives! Or offer  them, Bill Gates included to take a full shot of his  own vaccines!

Wake up people wake up!

Hubert Rondeau

Type A Stumbling Blocks

OHHHH Canada!


You Might Wonder about my title, but if you have read any amount of my work you know by now that I am not your typical writer/journalist.

No Apologies offered.

So what is a type A stumbling block then? Well He/She is a Pastor, a Preacher, a “Politician” (Global oxymoron that is!) Polite/politician really?

A type A stumbling block is anyone who teaches or attempts to teach, write, preach, journal, deceive, or out and out lie toward,  about, or to, one or a hundred, or a thousand or millions of people or nations on this planet. Those whom the lead, or have any influence upon  to fashion, corrupt, deceive or beguile in any way whatever.

A person or persons  who teach erroneously, one or many even nations  “what to think rather than how to think and thinking, to think for themselves.

Are you the Staff writer for your local paper, the editor of some national news media? Could you intellectually tear me apart with strong words of deception arrogance doctrine and pride? Well likely then you are a stumbling stone, and in the words of Jesus Christ a rock of offense.

More than likely you preach some party line some syndicated theology, some top of the hour headline, and have never thought to use your own head, eyes and ears to investigate, I mean to really investigate to dig up and find the true truth and reason anything out for yourself! In fact your entire life has been built on a slanted paradigm whereby you reverberate that “party line” which has become your umbilical cord to life by rote, by indoctrination, not having learned the basics of independent thought!

Is this an accusation, is this an indictment?  Yes it is! And the world is too full of peolpe who “know” but don’t really know a thing!

Do you truly preach the word of God, are you lonely? If you truly preached the word of God in this day you would be lonely.

Are you a philosopher/preacher, do you put forth a starry eyed gaze for your victims fall into and become deceived in your dream? Is your Paradigm the thing that ensnares your heart and theirs, because it is the popular belief of the day, decade, century, or your entire life?

Can anyone talk to you, and have the real you answer? Or are you pre- programmed with common political, societal, or ecclesiastical deceptions and prejudices?

By truths standards, are you a stumbling block? Do you actually know anything for yourself or is your mind and your life a funnel for the fodder and fuel which you have always been fed, and now feed on of your own will?

This is a critical time in human history! A time when all are indoctrinated before they have a chance to learn how to reason. If you doubt me on this point, I deffer not I am speaking the truth. The kind of truth you wouldn’t know unless you’d learned the hard lessons in this world and suffered a whole lot.

More people are utterly deceived today, than have lived previous to the last 2000 years. Incredulous right? No true.

Sadly 90% of those who began to read this post lost hold of the initial thought within the first fifteen seconds of the reading because the instant gratification mechanism of their minds tripped the overload circuit breaker , and they crashed and burned before they got anything out of the post.

Type A stumbling blocks… the ones who… know…the ones who… “Don’t know.” The ones who are indoctrinated on everything they think – they think.

Those who put out snares of any sort or type to catch, deceive, control or rob

Be they your Preacher, or Prime Minister.

Oh Canada who has put out the stone you stumbled upon for all the years of confederation?

Oh Canada who is your God?

The Canadian Charter of rights starts its dirge stating that Canada was build on the belief in God, and the Rule of Law ! Two things that are diametrically opposed to one another !

Therein lies the antichrist schism !

Oh Canada!

Oh Canada~!

Hubert Rondeau

Flag Photo borrowed online