Ears in the beginning

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In beginning God created the heavens and the earth; is this true? Do you really believe it? I do! In beginning when he created the heavens and the earth God also created man (Adam) adam was more than a name as we view it, adam was a descriptive of (man).

In the beginning, the beginning of earth, and creation, not the beginning of God… God created them male and female and directed them to go forth and fill the earth, and to have dominion over everything. In the beginning God walked and talked with Adam. Adam was created slightly lower than the angels in that he was of flesh and blood. Nevertheless adam was created in Gods form and according to Gods likeness. Adam the man had one Father, and no mother. Adam walked in the fullness of the stature of the measure of Christ. Complete in every way, he and Eve had perfect understanding, perfect health and everlasting life right there in the garden of Eden, the only thing they might have had need of to complete them is the fruit of the tree of life. Do your own research of Genesis see if I know what I am talking about. After they sinned they were banned from Eden for only one reason, (that they not eat of the tree of life, and then live forever in that state of sin and death of spirit.) God setting up a sword that turned in the gate to the garden to keep them out.

Jump forward now to the days of the people of God when they, like the gentiles demanded a king for themselves. God was their life, God was their Lord, and spoke to them, but they didn’t want to hear what he said, they wanted a ruler instead. (Maybe someone not so Just, and Holy?) But they rejected God and asked for a King. So God gave them Saul, A big dude who stood head and shoulder above everyone else.

Why am I writing these things? Maybe you wonder why, maybe you are wise and know why. God did not design us to be ruled by other men, and women. He did in fact create us to be sovereign individuals in him and under him. Many places in scripture God says Hear My Voice, listen and follow…God often spoke to his people, and also often spoke to certain gentiles too. Gods desire was to be our God always, and that we should all hear his voice, and be saved.

I’m writing this post so you can know why I have posted videos of Josie the outlaw, on my site. The reason is that we have all been so, so, so, fooled, and that like Samson our eyes have been put out because we have fooled with the harlot! What? Fooled with the harlot! Yeah the world the flesh and the devil too.

For my people have committed two great evils, they have left me, the fountain of living water and have hewn fort themselves Cisterns {systems} broken cisterns {systems} that can hold no water!

Whats the water? The water is the (life), the life of the spirit in God. What are the systems? The systems are everything  we depend on (other) than The kingdom and kingship of God. Why did the nations of old desire kings and queens? Because the wanted someone to worship, laud and honour. They wanted to be secure knowing that someone else other than themselves was responsible for their welfare!

Don’t shrug me off here this is truth!

People look to the Governments for everything they want security in or from! Thats stupid! Listen to Josie in my latest post, and understand what she is saying. The young lady is right. People want what they (want) but they don’t want what they don’t want and that is to be self reliant, and responsible for their own lives.

So is there an answer? –lol — Yes Grow up…! grow up in that you begin to think and know that no one has your best interest and loving care at heart! Not even your Pastor, or Sunday school teacher, but God only.

Jesus condemned sectarianism when he was among the people on earth, Jesus condemns sectarianism today! What do I mean? Baptists, Pentecostals, Catholics, Mormons, J.W’s ? Yes, and tyrannical governments too.

Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life there is no other!

You will never find the life of God in a Cistern…A system… a Dogmatic cauldron of law, rule, or regulation ever ever!

Jesus Christ, the same today yesterday, and forever, says, and said, “My sheep hear my voice and they follow  (Me), the voice of  a stranger they will not follow.

I have written briefly herein on the most important topic of your entire life. Please re-read it, consider it and pray. Pray to God the father of the Lord Jesus Christ, that he open your eyes, and give you ears to (Hear)



Lord its painful to understand how badly we have been fooled and blinded in this world! Please Give us ears, and eyes, that we might begin to see and understand that the fountains  we have been drinking from are not yours and never were. And that the water of life flows only from your throne, from your spirit, from the life of Christ in us (The only hope of glory!)  amen.

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NOTE: Paul said in Timothy that the end won’t come unless there is a great falling away from the faith… I wonder if maybe that hasn’t happened and we were so busy looking for a governmental saviour that we didn’t realize that we were feeding in the devils trough for decades already. Daniel said that in the end times the people who know their God will do great exploits, I say its time to get to know our God, and wake up to the truth!

Samson Did! His hair grew out his strength returned and though blind he saw clearly, and took down 3000 of God enemies in one shot, pulling down the building they were all in that day.

Hubert Rondeau