Cumulonimbus and Aerosol / Best for You


The cloud the spray the world away

No thought  of old of bygone days blue sky.

The sky’s so cold

Winter on earth… death adored…like some new birth…

Where men like none before sleep in the dark  darkness deemed as light.


Its April now close to the end where are the flowers, the showers, and the sun again?

Sprayed away for a week or two.

The Jet commander the one or two decide it seems the best for you.

Aerosol sprays he upon high like the death angel and all things must die.

This is no joke no not a ruse this death angel will not miss you!


Photos above depict and show things that were not so long ago.

The sky now painted like a canvas plate show whats in store for humans sake.

The one in charge they villains are pirates from the very start.

You don’t look up don’t understand they come to steal kill the land

And all that is within.


So this is my latest attempt at poetry….

The subject matter is critical and the audience blind,

I can’t apologize for the blatant ignorance of mankind! Especially those who are calling themselves “Christians” and doubly so those who claim to be prophets !!

WHAT…. are you kidding me??

GOD talks to you and you are mindless…???

Mindless to the all out “Kill them all plans” of the Geoengineering cartel who are determined that its time to cull the planet of humans, save maybe half a billion?

Google the Georgia Guide Stones, and read the new ten commandments, these not of Y-H-W-H, but of Evil Men and Women Who, are megalomaniacs and deem themselves the rightful “Champions” of the earth.

The Skies above have not been ordered by the benevolence, nor the judgment of God for decades. The Photos above depict the meddling of man. God said in the beginning for man to rule and care for the earth.

He will let men destroy as they will until the day that he says “that’s enough!” then he will finish it with fire!


In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, the dead in Christ shall rise, and we shall be caught up together to meet the Lord in the air…

There is a comfort for Gods children Bill Gates, not for you but for us!

John chapter  three read it and see that you must be born again. Truly born again of the Spirit of God.

Wherein, though they kill the body…..Dr. David Keith….. there remains nothing else they can do !!

However remember the word of the Lord in said verse, fear rather the one who when he has killed the body, has power to destroy the soul in Hell.

If you don’t know Jesus Christ in the saving way of the cross and the new birth, find a quiet place, be still and know, then ask for life, that eternal life he alone can give.

Then once Christ has come in and given you his life, lose yourself in HIS word, and steer far clear of most all so called Christianity, but let Christ in you teach you discernment, to keep you from the pitfalls of false prophets false pastors, teachers and sadly brothers and sisters.

These like no other are the days where the blind lead the blind.


Photo’s  mine

Hubert Rondeau


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