M.E and me…

Hi Guys I just stumbled into this video today. This is Jennifer Brea.

I have been really messed up over the last few weeks, and seem to be getting a lot worse, as I often do when things get bad I look online for someone some thing to grasp hold of some form of HOPE!

As I listened to Jennifer I so related, to where she now finds herself. And where I feel I’m headed.

I thought she was talking about me. until she said the name of the disease. Then as I listened further, I knew this was me, M.E.

Yay! Right?  RIGHT?

Well this is me sad to say i’m not alone.

Please listen to Jennifer and look at your own heart and the ways in which you treat people like Jennifer and M.E.

She is such a blessed young woman.

Jesus Bless her entire life I pray amen.



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