You think me antichrist? How about anti COWARD?

Megalomaniacs become cops and politicians, lawyers, judges, dictators, and so on!

Listen to Josie and start 2017 thinking of the  who, what, and why of your own  life!

“The world has already had enough examples of quiet cowards!”

Jesus said in Revelation that the cowards place is in the lake of fire too!

Don’t think that the USA is to be blessed by God! For she is the land of Debris and the home of the Scathed! a pearl of great price, defiled by greed lust promiscuity, and evil desire of every kind.  If Y-H-W-H  God  is to Bless Her it will be with Scourgings and whippings untold!

Patriotism is a wicked evil!

Tyranny plays heavily your deceived hearts therein

In Jesus Name God damn your American  Pride!  I know I shouldn’t say that because God from the very beginning has already damned all pride 🙂

Pride always goes before a fall and always a haughty spirit  (–I’m it– We are it !)  before destruction!

The American way is violence… and destruction…

The Lord laughs at you AMERICA for he sees your day coming … TOAST!

Hubert Rondeau

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