Home On The Range


PSALM  19:18


Lord you said “The expectation of the poor shall not perish forever”.

You said you would raise me up.

I should be glad with great joy in that but I think I missed what you meant. Maybe you meant that when this (life) is over you would raise me up and ‘then’ I would walk on my high hills.

Yesterday with the Long Range Shooters at the Range; my God I must have been invisible. I think that I was not welcome there and soon realized that I needed to leave. These are not my hills and these are not my people.

Today I realize that I have no people on this earth, my children are not mine, I am literally alone on the earth. Maybe this is my greatest blessing, one which I have not understood.

I remember: With you is the fountain of life in your light we see light.

To be with you a man needs to be “With You.” He needs to live and move and have his being in Christ!

People come and people go bringing their doctrines of demons with them, but when a man is in Christ, Jesus Christ (is his life!) He has no other desires and needs no doctrine!

Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world!

So when I look up to the world, when I look at the world I get lonely. I look into my heart, and my heart cries like a small child “I want to go home.”

Men make laws to destroy other men, and their rules are for the writers, that they may profit from their twisted lies. For me there is just one thing, that in Jesus Christ is life.

The door of life is open the way is straight and true, rough the path that leads to life, few that make it through.

One way one gate one path one life, open is the door most to walk on by.

Invisible? Yes like me, I’m not blind they can’t see, no one enters on his own, his heart must cry out to go home.

Hubert Rondeau

Dec 19 16

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