Me Myself & Lie

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Wow  Dec 3 16  my daughters 25th birthday today, she was born 6 weeks premature and weighed 4.5 pounds, was tiny as could be and looked like a little monkey. I was a bit amazed with her right from the start. Now 25 years later she is well on her way to becoming a nurse, we hardly ever speak and have such different views on life that it leaves me mind numbed and sometimes very hurt.

I have posted some videos of Josie the outlaw recently they very much bear worthy of your time and thought to listen if you actually care enough to think in this world.

Being my age now, hopefully recovering from a life of PTSD, I doubt that I am recovering as much as I am recognizing. But I’m beginning to see the absurdity and utter delusion the wold and societies are  “trapped” in simply because they go with the flow! Christians included, and maybe Christians especially!

The worlds become a careless place

The worlds become a compassion-less place.

When was the last time you actually “Served someone with all your heart?”

When was the last time you actually gave someone you didn’t know a hand, or paid for their groceries at the market? or gave such a tip that the person receiving it was almost appalled ? Or when they made a huge mistake and tried to return the money you said its okay you keep it?

When was the last time Jesus told you  ” Me myself my family and  lie?”

Cause He doesn’t talk like that!

A  local Christian man told me the other day, as he told me that he had 50 hours of overtime this month,  “God blesses those who bless others.” I couldn’t help but wonder what he called being blessed by God in his mind, and I couldn’t help wondering what it meant to “Bless others” in his mind either. Did it mean a hand shake and a God bless you brother? I think it did, I believe that  that is all it meant and nothing else 😦

What does all this have to do with Josie the outlaw, and her videos?  Josie may not claim faith,  and she may not believe, I don’t know, but she does think…  And she thinks like we all should think. So I do say Go Josie!

If this world  ever woke up… imagine what the Christians would be like? Maybe we’d resemble the demon possessed man called Legion more than anyone and maybe our true colors would be as glaring as a Beacon ?

Maybe the world would say  “O WOW”!!! What are those…..?  Baptists, Pentecostals, Charismatics ? I mean WHAT? What are those ?

Hubert Rondeau


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