Note To Self

And being assembled together with them He commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father, “which He said. you heard from me.”


Oh Canada

“My thought;  why do I think that I need to preach? Why do I think every thought as though I were speaking to people? ” Is it that I am supposed to “be” a preacher by Gods design, or is it a brain malfunction caused by my traumatic life?

Do I need to preach? Am I a preacher that has been put in a lonely box because of the message that is in me? Father what design and purpose do you have for me? Is it that I am blind and cannot see the light? Simon the sorcerer wanted to buy the power to cast out devils and heal the sick etc…but he was a showman, what was his hearts desire, he was a show man already, he attracted many to marvel at him and these men of God drew away his audience. Within his hidden heart of hearts did he want to just keep the show going?

Bring in popular Christianity, the evangelical the charismatic and most of the rest. The big name Preachers, do they have the manifestation of the Holy Ghost the way the Apostles did? Or is it noise and a show? Are they not zealous for their own cause, and agendas? Maybe they should shut the cameras off, and get down on their faces to rethink what they are really doing.

So why should I want to preach? Maybe I am like Simon too?!? zealously looking for a friend. I have never had a faithful friend in my fifty three years of life here on this earth. Why should I think to look now?

No Lord, I think I need the power you spoke of in Acts 1:4 for two reasons, the main reason being that I might know you and the fullness of your call, and that I might cease looking for someone to love me. You had no beauty that we should desire you or be drawn to you, but your beauty is on the far side of the cross,  the result of the nails thorns and the spear.

Aside: There was no wind on the day of Pentecost, only sound and tongues of fire.

Point being, wind is air and stops at the wall. Sound passes through and moves everything in its path.

The Voice of God comes in sound.

“He that has an ear” Jesus said, “let him hear”

Flag photo borrowed online

Hubert Rondeau

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