Type A Stumbling Blocks

OHHHH Canada!


You Might Wonder about my title, but if you have read any amount of my work you know by now that I am not your typical writer/journalist.

No Apologies offered.

So what is a type A stumbling block then? Well He/She is a Pastor, a Preacher, a “Politician” (Global oxymoron that is!) Polite/politician really?

A type A stumbling block is anyone who teaches or attempts to teach, write, preach, journal, deceive, or out and out lie toward,  about, or to, one or a hundred, or a thousand or millions of people or nations on this planet. Those whom the lead, or have any influence upon  to fashion, corrupt, deceive or beguile in any way whatever.

A person or persons  who teach erroneously, one or many even nations  “what to think rather than how to think and thinking, to think for themselves.

Are you the Staff writer for your local paper, the editor of some national news media? Could you intellectually tear me apart with strong words of deception arrogance doctrine and pride? Well likely then you are a stumbling stone, and in the words of Jesus Christ a rock of offense.

More than likely you preach some party line some syndicated theology, some top of the hour headline, and have never thought to use your own head, eyes and ears to investigate, I mean to really investigate to dig up and find the true truth and reason anything out for yourself! In fact your entire life has been built on a slanted paradigm whereby you reverberate that “party line” which has become your umbilical cord to life by rote, by indoctrination, not having learned the basics of independent thought!

Is this an accusation, is this an indictment?  Yes it is! And the world is too full of peolpe who “know” but don’t really know a thing!

Do you truly preach the word of God, are you lonely? If you truly preached the word of God in this day you would be lonely.

Are you a philosopher/preacher, do you put forth a starry eyed gaze for your victims fall into and become deceived in your dream? Is your Paradigm the thing that ensnares your heart and theirs, because it is the popular belief of the day, decade, century, or your entire life?

Can anyone talk to you, and have the real you answer? Or are you pre- programmed with common political, societal, or ecclesiastical deceptions and prejudices?

By truths standards, are you a stumbling block? Do you actually know anything for yourself or is your mind and your life a funnel for the fodder and fuel which you have always been fed, and now feed on of your own will?

This is a critical time in human history! A time when all are indoctrinated before they have a chance to learn how to reason. If you doubt me on this point, I deffer not I am speaking the truth. The kind of truth you wouldn’t know unless you’d learned the hard lessons in this world and suffered a whole lot.

More people are utterly deceived today, than have lived previous to the last 2000 years. Incredulous right? No true.

Sadly 90% of those who began to read this post lost hold of the initial thought within the first fifteen seconds of the reading because the instant gratification mechanism of their minds tripped the overload circuit breaker , and they crashed and burned before they got anything out of the post.

Type A stumbling blocks… the ones who… know…the ones who… “Don’t know.” The ones who are indoctrinated on everything they think – they think.

Those who put out snares of any sort or type to catch, deceive, control or rob

Be they your Preacher, or Prime Minister.

Oh Canada who has put out the stone you stumbled upon for all the years of confederation?

Oh Canada who is your God?

The Canadian Charter of rights starts its dirge stating that Canada was build on the belief in God, and the Rule of Law ! Two things that are diametrically opposed to one another !

Therein lies the antichrist schism !

Oh Canada!

Oh Canada~!

Hubert Rondeau

Flag Photo borrowed online

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