October 2016

Alberta Chem Kill in action.

You may think me a bit- off – huh yeah but this guy has seen far to much to be quiet! Alberta is a Killer Province, that’s it.  Whether its the insurance companies or the insane in the GOV, weather modification is  “Nothing” short of criminal, and to those of us with health issues it is a violent aggressive act leading toward eventual intentional manslaughter!

You Bastards know what you are doing, and you know that you are poisoning and killing the eastern slopes flora and fauna, timber, and humans! Stop it now! Stop it!




This Chemical “Rainbow” I photographed yesterday at work . At about 10 Km north of Robb Alberta. Every year the start of October brings the start of a new Chem-spray program for the Alberta eastern slopes region, Its the 27th of the month today and the British coast like fog has been sprayed in and and continued all  this month.In case you don’t understand this, we are about 600 miles inland of the Pacific Ocean. And there are no bodies of water whatsoever anywhere near the Alberta Eastern Slopes to create this Fog!

It never ceases to amaze me that  no one picks up on this, No one says what the heck is this and what is going on? yet so many people are wearing down, getting super tired, sick and weary.

God’s word makes a lot of things very clear, right now I speak to the pilots. and the crews, and those mad doctors whether Government, or simply insane Geo-engeneering “scientists” the  alchemists  prescribing the Kill. YHWH GOD  has promised that He will Destroy those  of you who are and who do destroy the earth. To whatever degree you make another suffer, whether myself or 10,000 or more of us in this province, you will in the end suffer 1000 fold  and forever in the lake that burns with fire, the eternal death! Im not a turn or burn preacher, but in your case there is no alternative.

Hubert Rondeau

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