It Must Be True Today

I love you Lord though overwhelmed in this world

The pain of life what none could understand but you. In the beginning when I was young (I knew you lord!) yes I knew you as a small child, before the encoding of the world the flesh the family and the devil, all who insisted that I wasn’t good enough, I was too… Too whatever it was that they needed to beat out of my small frame.

I remember one night when you visited me with the voice of God. The voice so loud and clear, in an angelic tongue, which I knew and understood at that very moment, but by morning, the meaning was gone like it had been stolen away by some dark and unseen force. I arose from my bed and looked straight to the point in the ceiling where you’d spoken to me from. I knew. I knew it was you Lord! I knew it was you. For the next several days I looked everywhere in that old house to find the key, the thing that I’d lost that night when I heard your voice. What could it have been that you said to me I so often prayed to hear it again and to understand.

In the Beginning You created man in your image and according to your likeness. What is that but that we in the beginning were a lot, a lot like you?

Yes, Satan tempted Eve, she fell to the beguiling of the worlds first salesman selling what he didn’t own!

So then Adam took the bait and now we all are fallen through their demise.

Demise Hubert???  Yes, for God had said, lest you surely die.

In the beginning… Jesus said my sheep hear my voice. What stops our hearing as a child? Abuse; emotional, physical, sexual, mental assault, false religion, many things shatter the souls of children.

The assault of staunch judgmental-ism against a small child, (rules of force,and cold cruelty) far out weigh the physical abuse which a strong healthy mind can overcome in time.

What was that voice Lord what did you say?

(my sheep hear my voice it must be true today!)

Hubert Rondeau



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