The Temple


And the train of his robe filled the temple with glory and the angels cried

“Holy Holy Holy is the Lord.”

Bowed down when my heart heard the words – the cries of the angels Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord.


As the men of old who heard the word of God and confessed, oh God i am a man of unclean lips!  I am not worthy to be here.

Broken at heart knowing that i had been blind, lived the life of a fool

I cried

Oh Jesus wash me! take these filthy garments, these stains of guilt stains of shame, wash me in the blood of the lamb.

Wash me i will be clean i will cry Holy Holy Holy are you Lord.

As to Isaiah, the angel came  touched the coal to his lips, so his guilt was gone  and his sin forgiven  he cried

“here I am Lord send me,”

The Temple is filled with his Glory, oh i cry Lord wash me wash me place the burning coal to my lips i will cry Holy!

The Door

The door is closed to the devices of man, the sanctuary cannot be breached.

You must leave you goods and wares outside.

No earthly treasure can you carry in empty hands alone.

Lord how can I look at you i am a sinner, my own evil heart has deceived me!

it is full of earthly devices schemes and lies,

full of covetous treasures – even things i thought to steal from you.

And the angels cried Holy,Holy,Holy are you Lord,

the angels cried Holy,Holy,Holy are you Lord


My life is not my own then I am crucified with Christ.


The Fire Burns My Heart!

The flames reveal the dross as it surfaces and is removed from the precious metal beneath as Gold Silver and Precious Stone.


I am your son make me as your slave! I deserve nothing but I ask for life!

Holy,Holy,Holy is the Lord.

The things that mean nothing to the world, but they are everything to me.

photo borrowed online

Hubert Rondeau

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