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Whose name my son whose name is a strong tower?  Your name Lord!  Your name my God is a strong tower!  Who shall you fear Son?  Whom shall you fear when you abide in me?  Do you see my anger while the nations rage and the peoples plot a vain thing?  Lo their webs will not cover them, no and the viper’s eggs will poison.

Son, I have said to you that I have called you, but you don’t hear, and you don’t asked! Where is your home Son?   Have you not missed it all of these years?  You look at the Serpent when I call because you are afraid of his face and of his words! Why do you not stand and walk on his head?

Lo the voice of one crying in the wilderness; make way for the Lord make straight his paths in the wilderness!  “Abba, how can I answer you, you are the truth, I see but how, and why?”  “You have seen the serpent,  you have trembled when you should have walked!” “ I don’t understand Lord!”  “I have called for many years you heard my voice! But Lord how could I come I was chained to that web, the web of fear and shame!  You have suffered, and you have lost, but I do not give my gifts in vain nor take them back.

Lord! Did I miss the door? Was fear blindfolding me not to see when you called, was there a spell, was there a blinding storm? How can I walk now, when I need support – someone to uphold my arms? Father men who are well make plans and go into the harvest, but I lay at the edge alone.

I am angry with you my son. “I know Lord, I can feel it, but I am flesh and blood, I am weak, broken and weary. I cannot answer you properly one time out of a thousand, how many are the days that you have called?  If you deal with me as I deserve the fire will never be quenched and the worm will never die! Is it that I dug a ditch to hide my talent? Or is it that I Laid at my brother’s gate like Lazarus while the dogs licked my sores?  Who is the man that can discern his ways? Blessed is the man who is not found in presumption whose flask is filled with fresh oil! “What should I do with you Son?”  Grind me into powder with a mortar and pestle Lord for like Peter I say depart from me for I am a sinful man!”  “But no, but how can I ask for mercy as I so despise myself?” “Did I make you unto shame Son?”  No Lord, but I have often wandered there. “Is there yet then mercy for you Jeremiah? “ Lord you know!  My body is broken, my mind is broken, my soul is shattered, and my spirit is broken, ‘how can I be saved except unto you my God?  “You have written you have spoken never were you heard! Where is the fruit of your labor?”  Lord I have none that I know of but you know of all my life!  “Son, there is a screen from long ago do you see it?” Yes I can see it; it is long ago and so far away from here. “Life is long in your perspective!” Yes too long it’s been for me! Far too long and soon its over will I end it in this grief?

Lord come…Lord save…

Here  I am


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