Diamond under light

Like a Diamond under light

The room was filled with smoke so thick you could not see.

But the fragrance of burning fire and holiness overwhelmed

and came down strongly over me.

I cried out Oh God my God,

Mercy I cry ‘more!’ Let your precious glory consume me Oh my Lord!

“My Son, you are not of the night that darkness should you overtake.

For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there too is the light!

Trembling at the Thunder of His voice so loud so deep within,

I tried to turn my heart from seeing, and feeling such a dread.

Again I cried out “I am not worthy to be here!” But Lord my Lord

do speak to me and cause my heart to hear!

“My son, you have tasted, and son you have seen, yet your mirror

Is still so dim.

This precious fragrance that you taste is the glory of my sacrifice and grace.

Alive! alive! Glory to the lamb, for death cannot hold my son any Godly man.

Father, this fragrance is living, and alive I can more than smell and taste,

I feel it living deep inside, as it moves my heart to race.

This is the Spirit that’s in you

son, quench not my Holy life within.

You are an earthen vessel, but within you is eternal life.

Some are vessels

for common use, ‘you’ a living sacrifice. (Romans 12)

My altar is a fire, that burns the living sacrifice I pour out living water,

and it burns and lives inside.

Agggh Father! What am I doing here! I am not able to cope with you your

fire burns me up! I am so consumed! “Your vessel is for honour, and to be laid bare, made to reveal my glory, grace and mercy everywhere. Agggh Lord!

You must give me strength or will die here in this room.

You spoke everything into being, from your mouth came forth the Sun. Yet you speak to me (so weak and so undone)

you oh God, who can speak for you? You are the only one!

The Only one!

I am beside myself! I am undone I could die in your presence Lord I am done.

Flesh and blood cannot cope with your Spirit and truth oh God,

my God! depart from me a wicked man, but no, don’t but come Lord come!

“To be absent from the body is- to be present with the Holy one!”

Therefore it is good to desire to be with you! How blessed is the man

That you cause to draw near to you! With all my heart I have searched for you

until my eyes have grown dim, and now that I am close I cannot see for the glory of my King!

“You see better in the dark, as a Diamond under light, and though you live in a dark world

Your light is shining deep inside
Author: Hubert Rondeau

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