I am the Lord…

“I am the Lord, I will not change for any man, or woman. I will not be manipulated. The heavens are mine the earth also is mine. You own nothing! not even your breath! Who do you ‘think’ you are,  Look close; you will see these things are true.

“I know my own, and all who are mine will come to me, but the rebellious will go away in the end.”

So then the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the Knowledge of the Holy one is Understanding, I ask what then of the world’s knowledge?
God’s word says men’s knowledge whatever it may be, at best is carnal, fleshly, and temporary. At best, as well as sensual earthly and demonic at worst, why then do so many professional guru’s fancy themselves to be wise?
God’s word say’s if any man thinks Himself wise, let him become a fool so that he may become wise.  And he also says that with all of the wisdom of the world men can never come to the knowledge of God. That is so amazing, that God would show his eternal wisdom to the simple, and the wise go away empty handed, Oh the depths of the riches and wisdom of God. By the foolishness of the message of the cross of Jesus Christ salvation comes to those who dare to step out to  take hold of, and live out this foolishness that  alone can save forever.

2 Corinthians 11:3  Apostle Paul says, “But I fear, lest somehow as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the ‘simplicity’ of Christ.”
You should look at the fruit of philosophies they all seem to me to reflect a serious human condition called pride.  I have seen this for years prior to coming to Christ. My point, Christ is the fullness of wisdom “all by Himself.” “The word of life, the way the truth the life.” who holds all things together by the word of his power.
Philosophies have root similarities, assumed complexity being at the front, also they presuppose that men can direct themselves by what they think. If there was any hope that men could benefit eternally from any “human thinking”, why would Jesus say the flesh profits nothing, then go on to say the Spirit is life? Why would he say you “must be born again?” Why would the old man have to pass away, and that a new man be created?
Why would our mortality need to be swallowed up by life? Scripture says Jews seek a sign, Greeks, [that is gentiles] seek after wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified. To the Jews a stumbling block, to the Greeks foolishness. If a Man or woman is walking with Christ, the wisdom of this world soon becomes absurd and no philosophical devil can hide! amen? yes! Not that such a person would set out to seek them out, But the Holy Ghost, who is not philosophical would reveal the truth to such as are in him, in Christ, and he in them,and the truth, Gods word would keep their hearts from deceptive words.

Unforgiveness puts us into the same prison as the one’s we are keeping there, because we have to guard the cell door to make sure “they” don’t get out.. all the while they probably are not aware that they are in our prison, leaving us- alone there in our own Jail.

Seek ye first the  “kingdom” of God and  “His” righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Why  would Jesus give  the entire human population such an instruction, if  His kingdom weren’t  vastly different  from yours ?  Tell me in your life, and in your  Heart is not your secret desire for your own Kingdom to come, and your will to be done on Earth?   don’t answer  that unless you think about it for a bit, then  ask the Holy one of Israel to  reveal to your own heart and mind.  Just what is the purpose of  your  life? If you find that it’s all about you and your will on earth, and not His will or righteousness  ‘repent’ and believe the gospel… If it is all about Him  Rejoice..

Lord Jesus we pray for  your Spirit to come down like holy fire on all of your creation that you would consume our hardened hearts, and put in us  the  heart of  your  bride, who loves you..Lord we bless and magnify your name amen.

There are two fires in the word of God, both are eternal neither will ever be quenched one is the Glory of God [the all consuming fire]  which refines, and purifies and is  also at the judgment seat of Christ the other is the fire of Hell, the lake of fire. Where they are never consumed, and their worm never dies. Everyone ever born into this human world will dwell within one or the other forever. So if your  brand of Christianity, or religion, or even rebellion toward God exclude his purging Holy fire, or any aspect of his word seek him, find him!  I guarantee it will  hurt!  but when his fire burns brightly in your heart you will know like every real believer this is all that is worth anything  in all of creation. Nothing comes close to the Glory of “knowing” Christ Jesus in your heart!  nothing! You will never need to fire proof your life if  his holy fire- is- your life, and if it is not- you can’t stop him- you belong to this God who is God.. like it or not.  So if you are His enemy , remember his fire is coming to You soon, maybe before you know it!.Repent. Repent and believe the Gospel..

Wait on the Lord, Call upon him with all of your heart trust him and seek His face. For  to those who seek him with ‘all’ their heart, he will be found he will not be found in the  form’s and traditions of manmade religions.He won’t be found  in houses  of pretenders, or in denomination’s of carnal, sensuous men who are  god in their own minds, or who’s god is made up of their own imaginations, or those who’s faith is in their ‘opinion’ no.

He will  however be found  by anyone who can crash through all of these mountains of  ‘philo- psycho- human  systematic, and sympathetic  delusions’ —  To  humble  their own  flesh, and  cry out to  the God  for  truth. he is the only  one.. There is no other.

Blessed are those  who  SEEK HIM..    Jesus  is the  way, the truth, and the life there is no other way, or truth, or life.  If you  have  Christ  alive in you, you  have life if you don’t have him ‘alive’ in you , you don’t have life . “This is truth  that Christ came to save sinners of which I am chief,  and in him is everlasting life. No longer seek  men, or  doctrine’s of men  teachings, or teachers, but look unto the Lord of Glory and  receive  forgiveness for every sin, and the outcome  everlasting  life..

Wait, Lord  I’d rather know you, than know about you  I ‘d rather hear you than hear of you.  I’d rather walk with you than with  men of the world. I’d rather hear you, than all the vain, and idle talk of millions whom you have created for your Glory, who glory in their own human pride. Lord  turn my  whole heart back to you that I may humbly come home again.

Communion with you is full time, and without  ‘that’  it is  but pretence Lord I have been caught up in this  snare.

The fear of man brings  a snare  I confess  that I have lost touch  with you. but you are  everything. Lord  I’m coming  home please receive me and forgive me I pray amen.

I know this My friend .. If you think you are ready to meet God, you are far from ready! I know I am far from  ready! Oh GOD  make me ready to  meet you before I have to, before my time of life here is over and i’m out of time I pray in Jesus name amen. Lord we are so blind!?!    Ay eyesta- enatoora! have mercy Lord.  amen amen

There is no punishment for the wicked for now! for even though God would  kill all of their children in one day, and wipe out  their homes, and everything else they would not, and could not take it to heart.  Nor would they repent  even in sackcloth and ashes.   But  Punishment is for those to whom God has chosen! His legitimate sons and daughters. Who like Jesus Christ are being trained by affliction, unto Godliness! Scripture says  if you are without discipline, without his scourging you are a bastard, and not his. Because he scourges every son whom he receives.  Hebrews  12:5-8.  If you can feel his whip on your back   [Repent, and Rejoice ] If you cant  repent and seek his face with everything  in you. If you have believed that Jesus loves everybody ‘no matter what’ Repent for your blindness and beg him to open the eyes of you understanding, that you might know him as he is  amen.   Lord Jesus, I pray for all whom you have called to salvation  that you would sanctify them by your word. Your word is truth
Musing:  What  do you think?  what is the point of your life ? were you put here for a purpose? Are you simply a  biological reproduction of your parents? Is there a real point to your life? Where are you going, and for what purpose is it all? I submit to  everyone;  You are here for  “no purpose of your own.” God, the eternal God either created you strictly for his purpose and eternal pleasure, or,  you are here of the worlds natural reproduction, destitute of  any  salvation, or real purpose, and like the brute beasts of the earth simply  living until the day you perish and are no more, or you are  a rebellious human whom God would save by Christ Jesus, should you humble yourself and come to him. Now this is not all  but  it’s a lot to  think about.  I don’t desire to offend,  but to cause you to really  think.. I can assure you that God has an eternal purpose for men, and that he made us for his  own pleasure and purpose. Please read on  and see if you  can’t search  him out.

By the way  he is bigger than your biggest opinions, and does not consider them at all. He doesn’t need your permission for anything, but is willing to save even the worst of sinners  like  [me].
What would happen if  we all suddenly ‘woke up’?   We would see God as ‘he is’, rather than as we have been  politically, philosophically, and psychologically lead to believe, not only that, but traditionally, and familiarly,romantically, and even seductively… to see him? All our pet me-isms, our jangle, and shallow Jesus talk, our pseudo Christianity, our phoniness  would violently implode! for GOD is an all consuming fire. We would stagger, stumble, and fall before the true Gospel of Christ the real stumbling block of the whole earth, (by which we ‘must’ be saved!)  totally  changed! We would see Christ as he really is and ourselves as we really are. Some would truly repent and turn to the GOD of Israel in Spirit, and in truth. But I  feel that most would flat out reject him still preferring their own  paths of self worship. This day will come, when they can no longer pretend, and they will cry out for the rocks to fall on them to hide them from the wrath of the lamb. If these were not the pretenders, how would they know that the wrath is from the lamb, or who the lamb is? [ the Lion of Judah is also the Lamb of God]

If we suddenly woke up, we would see a complete global domination plan in action. [right now]  And that our freedom is only an illusion, Unless it is in Jesus Christ, because we are hidden in him.  Commerce is an all consuming snare, as is self pleasure, and the classic American dream, which will show itself to be a nightmare in the end. There is  so much more.  We have been controlled, and deceived by Society, Government, Selfishness, and Greed.  If we don’t know, or believe that God will supply our every need according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus we are easily drawn to covet both the things that we have, and the things that we  don’t have this locks us into Idolatry.  Even if you don’t agree  self preservation is also idolatry. Jesus said hate your life, and you will find  it if you lose it for his sake, open my eyes Lord Jesus!

Jesus  said  over 2000 years ago this is an adulterous, and idolatrous generation. Two complete and perfect descriptions of our global populace today. Have mercy on us! Oh GOD!

All of the people of the earth are very religious  – Unbelief is a state of faith in self, and of humanism, which denies God, who is not an opinion, nor open to opinion, or interpretation.

If one is stuck on interpretation, he is proud and knows nothing. Men don’t interpret scriptures or God. Scripture reveals God in spirit and in truth  our philosophical brand of Christianity has made us an opinion-ation – nation, and we think God  can’t or won’t act. He will.  If every Christian were real, there would be Global revival, Only because God would be honoured among His own.  Our so called honour of him  belittles him and dishonours him to the degree that  he fits our lies and philosophies.  If we knew him we would worship him in the dirt truly, and we would despise ourselves, even unto death as Job did. Man don’t we get it,  no-te-stoe, OH GOD you are real.
Yeshua  [ Jesus ]  said  once  ‘ I thank you Father that you have hidden these things from the  “wise” and have shown them to the naive’  here my friends is what He showed me last night:  HOLY, means  separate, pure, clean, and set-apart; separate, different,  completely different!  Not at all like the rest. Set apart, holy.

The universe is multiple light years in expanse. The biggest star we know out there, which is still in our galaxy is  Canis Majoris it is so big that  it could contain millions of our suns and  many millions Earths.  light  travels at 136 thousand miles per second if the universe uni-single,  verse-spoken sentence  is, and I believe it is many  light years in expanse. That’s how many years traveling at the speed of light it would take  for you to cross  God’s single spoken sentence, [the universe]

Now fit this God who spoke everything into being into anything that is in your head, mind, thoughts, or  imagination! I dare you! come up with something to explain HIM away!  you Can’t do it! Fit your pet religious doctrines, or philosophies into this You can’t do it ! God is not  ‘religious’  he is  HOLY!  completely separate from what he has created the Heavens cannot contain him. He is separate from his creation.. think about this, say you are a potter, and you make a miniature castle,now,  ‘get in it,’get in, without destroying it. Now, confine yourself to it. “So you say, I can’t do anything other than be in this mini castle which I made.” Is anything happening to your  head yet? How hard is it to walk on water?  I tell you it’s easy!  It has to be easier than walking in water, that’s hard especially if there is a current!  I really want to blow your logical mind today. So that as scripture says  we may become fools, that we may become wise.  God is much, much, bigger than everything that he has made he cannot be conformed, or controlled,  nor  manipulated  are you seeing anything New yet?  He is  HOLY …   He says  come out from among them, and be Holy for I am Holy. Religion, superstition, mysticism, false humility,  forms, traditions, and doctrines without the true life of Christ  in you, that is -Yeshua Jesus Christ in you, the only hope of glory, these are all damning snare’s and severe bondages that keep men from Christ. God created the heavens and the earth. He is separate from them in that they cannot contain him at all. He says that there are more stars in the heavens than all the sands of the earth. And yet we try to jamb him into our  little box’s to make  ourselves feel big, or good, or whatever!   I will tell you with all my heart, even in tears he will blow your whole box apart,  and if he saves your soul he will first break your heart.  That’s the only way for men to be real with God.  Every person born into this world  is very religious. Every religion out there yours included is all about ‘you’ this is  impossible to hear unless the Lord himself  breaks through  your darkness and reveals these things to you.  Throw yourself down and cry out to him to show you what you must do to be saved. If you want to know that these things are true – Just think, be still, and ask, and God will reveal it to you..    “It’s all about you Jesus”

Please deliver me –from all that  I can be without you Jesus.  Please deliver me from the treasures of this world that are without you take away the trappings of wealth and of pleasure, and the fullness of life that are in the flesh.   Please deliver me from what so many people  – ‘call being blessed’.   I don’t need to zoom across the waters in a big old fancy  boat, I’d rather walk  on  rocky waters with  my Lord.

Please deliver me, please deliver me from Harley  Davidson, from Chevrolet and GMC  yes from all the other wonders  of men.  Please deliver me  from the internet,  from Microsoft and Bill Gates.. Yes all the things I haven’t said yet! Please Lord deliver Me  from all the lust  that my eyes can see. Please Lord deliver me from my own flesh.  Arise  in me by your Spirit.   Please deliver me from all I cannot see.  From the hope that poverty puts on me to be rich and free. All the snares and lies  of men who have glory in all the riches and alibi’s they use to spite and spurn thee. Please deliver me from all my fears and pain. From all the hopeless shame that has come over me. Come and hold my hand, come and hold me close to thee.  Let  me put my head upon your breast  Lord Deliver me…   Lord all thy ways are pure, and your glory is past finding out.  Blessed is Your Holy Name!
From the  rising of the Sun till the going down of the same the Name of the Lord is to be praised.  I will see your face in righteousness  and  I will be satisfied  when I awake in your likeness.

Would to you  Lord that  I might be even now united with you in the likeness of your suffering. and be then resurrected in the likeness of your resurrection amen..  Come Lord Jesus for the Spirit and the Bride say come. Thy Kingdom come thy will be done, no not My kingdom at all. Thy kingdom come thy will  be done Lord  catch me  Lest  I fall. There is no other  way but  Y H W H no other truth but thine, there is no other life  but the life of Christ  and in Jesus Christ it’s mine.! O Lord  I Just want to praise your Holy name thank you so much  for  the cross, and  the resurrection life that you bring through it, to all who humbly come to you for life  amen. Yes thank you Lord..

I pray  Father  for everyone who see’s these words that by  your Holy Spirit you would pierce their very  Soul’s for Christ’s sake  and  give them  everlasting Life amen.
OH GOD YOU ARE REAL oh so holy, separate from sinners, yet desiring that all be saved   I pray  Father  Help us  get it… You are real!  we just don’t seem to understand… You are  an all consuming fire oh God you are God , and even the best of us men are but men, and all the nations of the world are but a drop in  a bucket before you.  Please Lord wake us up, no matter how much it hurts, break our pride, and destroy our  delusions. amen.

If you met  God  what would  Happen to you? if he  suddenly  tore open the heavens right above your head and touched you just hard enough  to get your attention, What would happen to your  Mind.. He says in Hebrews that yet one more time he will shake the heavens and the earth, so that the things that might be shaken  be removed, and those things that cannot be shaken  may remain. Only those things that are his cannot be removed, and how much of -his- dwells in your heart, and life,  just asking?  check it out…  Do you know  him ?  does he know you?  what do you say of the Lord?  What  would He say of you? bless you Lord, bless you Jesus amen.

Jesus finds a blind man , blind from birth, his disciples ask him, who sinned this man or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus squashed their philosophical assumption, [that in order for a person to suffer  someone must have sinned] saying “neither.” But that the works of God should be revealed in him.  I was not born either physically nor was I spiritually blind when I was young. I like Paul says in Romans 7:9;  “I was alive once without the law, but   when the commandment came, sin revived and I died.” I see too that when the commandment came sin revived, and I died, and that which was to bring life to me brought death.  I was not born blind, but became blinded by the religiosity, and the forms, and the traditions, lusts, and perversions of this world.

Your society is an all encompassing snare. It truly is. It leads to every form of spiritual bondage through Idolatry self worship.  What is one of the  latest mantra’s that is being   so over used today?   [It’s  all about me] is it really? Yes it is for most people. Then for some it’s even more deceptive the idolatry showing up as  [It’s all about my little Johnny, or  It’s all about my little Suzy] this is way beyond the  house, the car, the  material things that people lust for why can’t  you hear God?   maybe because your god is you,  your god is your kids, your god is lust, Your god is covetousness, your god is pride, church, family, house, sports all that,  your god is your belly, your god is your pleasure,  your god is what ‘you think ‘ [your mind],  or you god  is your will. Like Satan you have I problems.  [Isaiah 14: 13-14 ]  For you have said in your heart, I will ascend into the heavens. I will  exalt my throne above the stars of God. I also will sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the most High!  Stop now, and think, do you have I problems? Scripture’s say “seek wisdom” God’s wisdom, and  get understanding. Understand this, God will not spare, or redeem anything that you have not even your clothes. Jude says  “snatch them out of the fire   ‘hating’ the garments defiled by the flesh”.   Everything in your life, which you live for other than Christ Jesus, will be his delight to burn.

Do I have I problems? maybe I do, lets see.  Once I could see hear and touch in spirit, and in true truth the things of God, as a little child. I remember at a young age, maybe 10, or 11,  looking everywhere in my parents house. for three days, for something special that I had lost. But I could not remember, and therefore did not know what I was looking for. Right around that same time, maybe just a few days before or after, I, either in a dream, or in a vision heard  the voice of God speaking to me I still can see myself looking at about eleven o’clock  toward the ceiling in my room, from where the voice came.   This voice was not   an earthly language at all but a heavenly language, and I understood it completely. It was full of everything wondrous. The next day I remembered the voice, but could no longer remember the  message or the words spoken to me. Do you think maybe ‘this is what I was looking for, for those three days?’ What I was looking for was the most special treasure ever and little boys have many treasures, a favourite rock, a pocket knife with a broken blade,what was I looking for?  What was the treasure ? The Kingdom of God is like   precious treasure hidden in a field, who when a man finds it, he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. Where, who, or what is your treasure? Are you sure that your treasure is not your “I”?  The Demon possessed man said , what have  I to do with you Jesus? Have you come to torment me before the time?  Do we have eyes that cannot see, and ears that cannot hear, and hearts that do not understand that we might turn to Him ? Jesus says if   your I [eye] causes you to sin pluck it out, and cast it from you it is better for you to enter life lame or maimed that having both eyes to enter into hell!   And if you right hand causes you to sin cut it off, for it is better to enter into life lame or maimed, rather than to have both, and be cast into hell !   Do you have hand, and -I- co-ordination?   Are they together designing for you a red hot future?   I wish to God that you and I could hear this word and take it o heart.  Lord Jesus in Ephesians  you  tell us through Paul to WAKE UP   arise from the dead  and Christ will give us light. Lord  please wake us up we can’t seem to do it, and your word says   unless a man is drawn by   you  specifically   they cannot come.  Please Lord   draw us  I  pray in Yeshua’s mighty name   amen..     

One thing, only one thing,  Are You  Saved ? are you saved  don’t look at me, don’t look at your neighbour, brother, sister or anyone else. Don’t even look at some small child, or new born babe…look at you, are you saved ? if you died today, if you died tonight, would you go to be with Jesus Christ  or would you go to hell? Are you saved? satan has an agenda, to deflect you away from this grilling  question until it’s too late. His greatest tool which has worked wonders is to get men and women to look at anyone, anything other than their own hearts, because while you question another you are not likely to look at you. Are you, I do mean you saved?  What does God mean to you?  do you hunger for his kingdom,  for his Spirit, for Holiness in  you, can you say  Jesus Come!  or  do you say something ‘anything’ else?  Are you ‘ you know’   saved?

If only I could touch the hem of his  garment I would be healed! The scriptures speak of the Lord as the one who was, and who is, and who is to come. Think for a moment if he was to come crashing into this wicked, and rebellious world where would we be? what would happen to us? God is a consuming fire. How do you and I do in the face of  a small fire?

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy one understanding. he is coming, Hebrews says yet one more time he will shake the heavens and the Earth, that the things which may be shaken be removed, and those things which cannot be shaken  may remain. One thing only cannot be removed that is Christ in you the Hope of Glory. Everything else in you, and in the entire world  can and will be  both shaken, and removed. If only you could touch the hem of his garment!  Everything in your life is subject to God period like it or not this world belongs to him. He is the one who was [here,] and who [is here,] and who will come [here ] again. He is not coming to be subject to you or me, or to any man, city, people or nation. If only you could touch the hem of his garment! Your mind would be blown!  And you  would see how lost and depraved we have all been, then you would likewise cry out for the rocks to fall on you to hide you from the wrath of the Lamb, or you would cry out for mercy. Saying save me Lord the  worst of sinners.

Where the Spirit is there is life, I know you’ll rightly say ‘where the Spirit is there is liberty’ … well said… Jesus says the same, in his eternal word.  True too is to say, ‘where the Spirit is there is life’.. Scripture says without the spirit the body dies.. Paul also said In Romans Ch 8   If the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in You, Christian… That same Spirit  who raised  Jesus from the dead will give Life to your mortal body…The body without the Spirit is dead, dead.. If the Spirit of Christ dwells in us -The Church-, the Christians, that Same Spirit will give life to The Body?  Are we real?   I mean ‘are we real’?   Does Father God look at us and say in his heart ‘ ah my children love me so much?’ Or does he see that we don’t know him in truth at all and that for the most part our Christianity is a mere mantra that we constantly chirp at one another, in order to comfort, and console ourselves ?

What do you expect would happen to ‘you’ if God suddenly tore open the sky right about where you were standing right about ..now!…is the Jesus you believe in going to be able to protect you? Will he be able to save you?   Or is ‘your’ Jesus a Bar-Jesus? or a philosophical Jesus?

Were you born again, were you converted,[ changed] when you believed? Did Jesus Christ really do something in you?

Were you baptized? Did you receive the Holy Ghost, were you born again of the Spirit of God? or did you just start going to church?

If any man be in Christ he is a new creature the old has passed away, buried with Christ in baptism.. raised up with Christ into newness, the eternal, everlasting life of the Spirit..

God says in Isaiah, My ways are Higher than yours, and My thoughts are Higher than yours…. I wonder if were looking High enough… Maybe some of us  should, walk on water, and heal the sick and preach the gospel, even out of church…even in Church…

Where there is  a will there is a  way

Let thy will be mine today

Let thy will Lord become mine

 let thy will be mine not mine.  

Can anyone thus say amen

then say it once

and once again

So shout it out  so Loud and clear

 let this whole wide world so hear

His Kingdom come his will be done

the only everlasting one

He is the way truth and the life

His kingdom has arrived.

Hope that springs eternal deep within my heart Jesus Lord and Saviour you are the greater part Hope that springs eternal stronger everyday Jesus Lord and Saviour you are the only way All I am is yours Lord You are my all in all and I know that you will catch me if ever I should fall – Hope that springs Eternal you are everything to me And now my Lord and Saviour I pray you set me free


Note:  Joe, Donna and I visited at A&W today so many of these thing we discussed, Thank you God here i’d written these things so many years ago.

Thank You too Joe you stirred a flame in me !

Hubert Rondeau


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