What do you see


Hey I’m wondering about today, looking at a lot of Gods word this morning, I thought “Okay, who is speaking the word of God in truth these days.” 

What do you se? Do you see Holiness, Humility, Dignity, Grace, and such a thing as purity in life and motive? Do your brothers and sisters often speak of the Lord with reverence and holy fear, or are they people of agenda ?  AGENDA?  Do they seek Gods face, do they seek to know him as he is knowable through dignity and humility of heart and desire, and holiness?

Psalm 17:15 I will see your face in righteousness, I will be satisfied when I awake in your likeness.

I wonder why Jesus himself condemned sects, sectarianism, and cults?  I honestly don’t wonder, I think I am fully aware. I believe He knows and knew that denominations of whatever flavour would bring delusions, and breed arrogance condemnation and pride. As he said (Pride goeth before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction. 

Its easy to see pride and haughtiness in most establishments today (We are proud of ourselves aren’t we ?) 


So where am I going, what am I trying to say?

The Bible says (Christ in you is the hope, actually, the only hope of glory)

Can we then usurp his Glory by marrying a denomination of any kind or ilk?

 Do we renounce Him when we leave his side to be joined to another, even if that other pretends to His name?

What Do You See?

Can two walk together unless they be in agreement? 

Who knew Christ when they walked the road to Emmais? Were they not pierced when He broke bread and gave thanks with them? 

Is Christianity nothing more than a philosophy, or a bunch of philosophies, a group a lot of culture, or cultural “stuff?”

Or is it the literal kingdom of God at hand, meaning, God in us, and with us as is the design of Salvation?

“Therefore if any man be in Christ (he, the man,) is a new creation!”

ALL the old thing have passed away!

Carnal desires too!

Do I know one Christian Today?

Can I look into my own Mirror?

Well by Gods Grace and mercy maybe someday I will again.


Hubert Rondeau














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