The Last Witness

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In the process of time and in the course of events… Oh, goodly gentlemen, God has seen fit to take unto Himself, the Bride whom He has longed for these many centuries. It was His doing, and marvellous in His eyes. Not that these whom He has taken had been ‘ever perfect’, but at once when they finally perceived Him to whom they were betrothed, the Precious Christ, who bore them at the place of death!  They steadfast, and quickly arose, and made themselves ready!  Washing in the Blood of the Lamb – “Christ” – then adorned themselves in the purest of wedding gowns. The sparkling white robe of the righteousness of Jesus. Thus She had purified Herself. So at the time of readiness, She truly was a pure, and spotless Bride – completely without spot or wrinkle. Long before their removal, however, they were often times the most out of place of all people that you could imagine. They talked about this Jesus, in whom they said they believed, and even I believed in this Jesus that they spoke of.  I instinctively knew it was true.  But they evidenced such a coldness toward outsiders that I could not get over it! Oh, they often spoke of the Lord, but He seemed harsh at times, and judgmental, I suppose a God who is Holy would have to judge somewhat harshly.  But again by instinct, I knew that this God, even ‘The God,’ must be a merciful, and forgiving God . Hadn’t He forgiven so many of them? And some of the things that they had done, even when they were “saved”, [as they said.] Anyway, I could not get passed the things they did and there seemed to be such a pride about them, And some put on an Air of Humility, that seemed so rotten, I don’t know! It just didn’t add up you know? And it always seemed like this Jesus they talked about was so far away.  Many times being around them they would say things they believed, because their Bible said it. But watching and listening to them you knew that they really weren’t sure about ‘many’ things at all. I guess that that is why they acted and talked the way they did. I suppose the world’s impact on their eyes and ears, you know, the violent movies, all kinds of perversions, ‘Startling’ scientific discoveries, and technologies, I suppose they, too, were a bit fooled as we were into thinking – this is it! You know, the great frontier of the mind of Man!  A conqueror of “all”.  But, Man!  We could never conquer death! No matter what men did, to try to stop it, Death came to all.. making every accomplishment, and every endeavor seem so pointless! You know that is ‘one’ thing that I remember some of them said , ‘the bolder ones’ always said, “The wages of sin is death!”  And that all men die and then comes the judgment. So somehow I understood that all of death, comes from sin. And all men sin, so death comes to all men!  Listen to me!  No technology or science could ever change the fact of Death! Except .., this one man who they spoke of – Jesus. Who came to earth as a man, born of a woman, but without an earthly Father.  Did not inherit sin, and death. But, they said’ He became death for us, that is He became sin for us, in that He bore our sins on the cross! And since death had no power over Him, He being sinless, conquered sin and death, and  arose from the dead. My friends, this is one thing that they all knew! They always spoke of this, as a surety. Not ever doubting it at all! Even their children, knew this, as well as the most timid of their number. They spoke of Jesus coming back, in the clouds as He left; and His taking to Himself His bride that is the Church.  Now you know as well as I do, that for most of the time since Christianity began, these people at times seemed way more confused than the remainder of us who knew no God at all. Thus they did not live up to the standard that their claims seemed to require. It was all quite puzzling, until a short while before they all disappeared. It seemed to me that all of those I knew who followed the ‘Way’ of Christ, it seemed as though they finally saw, or knew, who they were, and just where they were going. Then everything changed! They became ‘so REAL’ in their faith!  And so full of love and kindness!  Some hated them the more, but some who had hated them before were swept right into their number.  I remember that there was an awesome sense of glory, and love, and grace that followed them wherever they went.  I became convinced really that whoever this God, this Jesus, was that He is Real. And I know even today that He is Real. Because I have known many people in my life, And I noticed that Men don’t change!  They just don’t!  And here all of these people, suddenly changed – and for the better!  This also is unheard of, and very contrary to nature, and to men.  With this change there came an awesome sense of the fear of God!  Almost as if He were suddenly going to rip open the sky, and present Himself to a world of people who thought that the universe was so vast and that nothing could ever harm or alter it.  But I was there, when the fearsome sense of God’s presence was such as if He would tear open the sky right above us and that we would see His face.  It seemed that many would die, from the fear of what would happen. Their hearts stopping in their chest, from the fear of this God; Now as for Me, I don’t say that I believe, as Christians used to say.  But I say this; I know!  That the God who made everything, is much Greater than all of the things that He made!   I know that I am fearful of Him; who even though I didn’t know Him, made me, and gave me life.  I know, that I am subject to His will. I confess that I willingly submit to His Authority.  I know my master, He is God!  And I know, His Son, Jesus, ‘The Christ.’  So if you choose to end my life for my confession of faith in Christ Jesus, I have but this to say… Father, forgive them, they know not, what they do!  And Father, for the joy set before Me , I endure even  this…… It is said that today, we live in a post-Christian era – but we have news for those who would say this!  Because every era belongs to God!  Without question, whether men believe, or not  … every man may shake his fist at God, but in His time He will come, and all those who oppose Him will look to the rocks to fall on them, to hide them from His face! I think Christians are so caught up in the day-to-day run of life that they forget to remember, The Coming of the Lord is at hand!   And our God who is the creator of the universe does not need permission from “men” whom He created to invade it – and to put an end to any of its inhabitants. Yes, God did put the earth under the authority of Man.  But only until He returns! Then He will put an end to the ways of men, and will rule His kingdom in righteousness. As The bible says in one place, “Let God be true and every man a liar!”  Father, in this world I pray, “Lord Let your Holy will be done.”  Even among the people of my nation, in this very day Jesus, I pray, Lord do it. Amen. Thy kingdom come! Not my will, but thine be done, Not my  kingdom, but thy kingdom come. My will I will your way. Father take my will Today, in Jesus Holy name I pray, Amen.

The Last Witness


By Hubert Rondeau

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